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Virtualization —

Having been researching different open source types of clustering + virtualization + cloud platform technologies (IPVS/LVS, Proxmox, corosync+pacemaker, and at the moment openstack). I feel it is a probability that, based on peoples’ ability to advance this kind of thing at such a rapid rate, that we’re all living in a simulation (virtualized environment/reality). Think […]

Somone hates me on Slashdot —

These days, it seems I can’t comment on any story without losing at least one modpoint. Doesn’t matter the contents, whether it’s a nice, watered-down, etc. comment, or what type of story I’m commenting on, almost instantly I go from 2 points to either 1 or 0. This has been happening for at least 2 […]

Cellphones at Concerts —

You know what would work well for artists that perform at concerts who are annoyed at everyone pointing their cell phones at them? If they (or the venue) professionally recorded each concert in high quality and distributed it to each paying concert-goer. Why have a thousand shitty videos with shitty audio flooding YouTube when you […]

So sick of M$ OS/Product Announcements —

“Windows 10 Cloud”…lol. C’mon Microsoft, really? I guess I’ve just been through enough of these types of project announcements from M$ that I’ve become ‘immune’ to them. At first I’d be interested. “Oh, something new. I wonder what it’s about.” It almost always ends up being some rehash of an old system that sucked. What […]

Digital Freedom Denied —

-= 1 =- I am 36 years old. I currently live in a small town in Northern California, but grew up in a semi-large city of just under two-hundred thousand people. I’m married and have two children. I own my own I.T. business where I support and maintain small business computer networks. I am a […]

Nerd? —

                    Is it bad that I think after a long day of Linux sysadmin projects, I feel that I need to ‘unwind’ by cutting the excess slack off of my primary Internet Ethernet cable and re-crimp a new RJ-45 end onto it (with sleeves! Woo!), so […]

I am a Laser —

I’ve had this idea brewing since 2011. It has manifested, evolved, shaped itself through my constant attention and dedication. I have a firm grip on my vision and its potential. I know, and have known for a very long time that my project is *huge*. I say this with as little bias as possible – […]

E-mail links via click-trackers —

I rarely click on links in advertising/marketing e-mails (which I’ve opted-in, mind you) that travel through click-trackers such as Constant Contact (though those are one of the more reputable ones). I guess I feel that when I hover the cursor over the link, the text in my browser’s bottom left corner should be going to […]

Sitting in a remote office —

Roadwarriors know what it means to be able to pack a bag. Being mobile is very important to me and my line of work – I’ve come to depend on certain devices, tools and methods to not only make myself comfortable and able to work but to simply stay sane. There are too many things […]

Periscope #2 —

So I’ve spent another day with Periscope being at the center of my ‘lazy’ attention span(s) throughout the day. A few observations: 1) I can tell that the fever will die down very quickly with its current feature set. The Periscope devs will really need to dig deep into what it means to livestream your […]

Periscope #1 —

I’ve been infatuated with Periscope for the past few days. I’ve hardly been on Facebook. I don’t even *care* about Facebook anymore. I do admit I didn’t care very much about it already, but Periscope has become a really good reason not to waste time on Facebook feeling part-way disconnected from my friends. Living through […]

Business e-mail —

13 Years after I start my business, trying to give people a clue as to how to do the “right thing” on the Internet…and I still see everyone using generic e-mail domains for themselves. “” …. *sigh* The world is doomed.

Another systemd rant —

Systemd seems to take control away from the console user. For instance, with Sysvinit, if I encountered a problem with a startup or shutdown script I could normally CTRL+C out of it and the system will continue on its merry way. Today, I shut my computer down to air-dust it. When I hooked it back […]

The Unofficial Smilie Face Glossary —

I was rooting around my old BBS installation tonight and, while looking through the file bases found a document. A digital artifact, if you will. Before they were popularized as “Emoticons” by hundreds of AOL junkies, they were “Smilies”. This document, “The Unofficial Smilie Face Glossary”, is the original reference manual for turning emotions into […]

systemd vs. *nix Culture —

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on systemd for the past few days. I honestly didn’t notice it creep into my own Debian Jesse system much until I went to reboot and it hung on stopping smbd – for some reason it felt necessary to wait almost 5 minutes (with a counter) for it […]

Transcripted Voicemail —

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