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Stargazer —

If, in some parallel universe, there existed an 8-bit video game about Mother Love Bone‘s quest for stardom – Stargazer would be the music that plays on the continue screen when you “die” (no pun intended…ugh..sorry Andy lol). I think this is because I feel it’s somewhat similar intro tune to what I remember was […]

Positive Speed Sign —

I want to produce a radar speed sign that, instead of flashing and telling you to slow down if you are going over the speed limit (negative), shows an animation of balloons + dancing people when you are at or below speed limit (positive). I’ve actually wanted for a long time to be able to […]

Super C —

I don’t know if I could ever play 2 player with anyone besides my old friends Travis Senneff or Johnathan Faux. – I take my Super C strategies seriously. There has to be a strong link and sense of collective survival, otherwise I just would rather go it alone. No offense, it’s just easier that […]

Transcripted Voicemail —

it’s-space(?) when I came-i-don’t-go(?) over there with and answer any dental vehicle but I don’t not able to plug in for myself of something that’s just i’d(?) contact the center-so(?) we’ll probably be over the-way(?) so I want to see if they see if they both they-face(?) single see if they really won’t know.”