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Kamakazi —

Why does it have to be this way?I’ve done everything My soul turns to blackI cannot escape thisI can’t take this anymoreFighting for scraps Selling myself to the ones I hateThe ones that are killing us all “Stand for something”KamakaziKamakaziKamakazi I just want to be freeI want to believeBut with all I give,All I get […]

Heels —

You’re pathetic But to your credit You’re the main character I don’t get it Sucks up your debt For all it’s worth Dig in your heels Big in the feels You don’t see what’s real You don’t see what’s real Win one over, nothing is colder, but you’ve got a coat So far ahead, but […]

Two sides —

Don’t you come around here No don’t you come ’round here Don’t you come around here No don’t you… Think you know it all Yeah think you know it Think you know it all Yeah think you know it Take a step back, and see… There’s two sides to every story Come on there’s two […]

Hollow —

It sounds like you But it’s hollow It’s soul is ruined It’s so shallow Replicating nuance like autotune Fooled some, but not all They say it’s coming soon You won’t be able to tell It’s hollow Tomorrow You can’t emulate the soul Impossible

Dam —

I build and I fill This dam I’m so dumb But when it’s all over And I fill it back up It’ll be like I come Dam brought up to the brim With poison But the rain’s coming… I’m gonna flush it all out And close up the gate Let time replenish And life will […]

That’s Ok —

This didn’t work the way I wanted That’s ok I got this for free What can I do to help This didn’t work the way I wanted That’s not ok I paid, I paid You owe me, yeah you sell This synapse A prolapse Stress induced neurotransmission Get the fuck out of me What I […]

The Full Truth —

It’s eating at me, but I must protect me It’s much more than you think This trajectory My trajectory These years go by like days My life is already starting to wain I’m loyal, I’ve sustained This vision in me I’m stuck in this tree Trying to break free from trading time for money But […]

Tesla – Solution —

Back before Elon Musk’s electric car company, there was the rock band that actually wanted to be named “City Kidd”. They got the message back then about global warming. I had the CD this track was on when it came out. I was a teenager and recently obtained it again in my early 40’s. I […]

The Source Code —

As I climb the crest of the mountain Exhaust from the dump truck in front of me lingers and flows into my windows I’m setting upon another journey on the same tired road I’ve driven ten million times before Would I be crazy to think that this time would be different? To think that all […]

Ego Strip Social —

I am passive I listen to you But I’m only Rx I don’t transmit too I don’t mind No, I don’t mind I don’t give a flying fuck I can’t explain it ’cause I think you suck Sorry but it’s best for both of us I got my wings I’m evolving I’ll take what I […]

Giraffes Don’t Exist —

I know that you’re starting to Find out the truth You’re doing the research Fight nail and tooth There’s one thing that I’ve really Been meaning to tell To the one that I know And who knows me so well It’ll blow your damn mind How we’ve all been the fool To the biggest conspiracy […]

Orbit —

The more we see The planets move The more we see And if you get distracted Just close your eyes The more we believe In me and in you The more we believe And if you get distracted Just open your eyes We both know the fact is We need to go high

Rift —

Pull me In the other direction Rift My thoughts Are scrambled With A nail in the coffin And all you’ve been scoffing And all I’ve been wanting Is to feel Lull me Into your misconception Fit You are A cannibal Gift I’ve done all my talking And you’ve started walking Away From me