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The Source Code —

As I climb the crest of the mountain Exhaust from the dump truck in front of me lingers and flows into my windows I’m setting upon another journey on the same tired road I’ve driven ten million times before Would I be crazy to think that this time would be different? To think that all […]

Ego Strip Social —

I am passive I listen to you But I’m only Rx I don’t transmit too I don’t mind No, I don’t mind I don’t give a flying fuck I can’t explain it ’cause I think you suck Sorry but it’s best for both of us I got my wings I’m evolving I’ll take what I […]

Giraffes Don’t Exist —

I know that you’re starting to Find out the truth You’re doing the research Fight nail and tooth There’s one thing that I’ve really Been meaning to tell To the one that I know And who knows me so well It’ll blow your damn mind How we’ve all been the fool To the biggest conspiracy […]

Orbit —

The more we see The planets move The more we see And if you get distracted Just close your eyes The more we believe In me and in you The more we believe And if you get distracted Just open your eyes We both know the fact is We need to go high

Rift —

Pull me In the other direction Rift My thoughts Are scrambled With A nail in the coffin And all you’ve been scoffing And all I’ve been wanting Is to feel Lull me Into your misconception Fit You are A cannibal Gift I’ve done all my talking And you’ve started walking Away From me

Buy —

You can’t buy me This flows right through me You can’t gamble for forgiveness All of your attempts at this All of the points you’ve missed: You’ve spent this whole life running from yourself And now your eyes are an empty shell It’s quite obvious to all that you cry to and tell And I’ll […]

Leenode —

With so much drama in the IRC, it’s kinda hard managing a community. But I, somehow, someway, keep logging into irssi like every single day May I kick a little channels for the Lees, And make a few ends as I apologeeze through, Two in the hashtags and the channel’s not jumpin’, cause they left […]

Bitch Mustard —

The other night I came across this post on Reddit and instantly lyrics started pouring into my head. This morning while riding my motorcycle I filled it out a bit. I have a beat and basic vocal melody too, just not recorded yet. Who wants to collab? =D “Bitch Mustard” I don’t really want none […]

Anti-vax —

I think I get it now I think I figured it out It’s all pretty simple Pitiful You don’t care about anyone else You only care about yourself Yeah, I caught you, now I Know all your why’s and how’s You don’t care about anyone else You only care about yourself You don’t think about […]

I know —

I know I know I know Nothing And that’s o.k. With me I learn more every day I’ve wondered why my dreams Never became reality But now I wonder how this negativity Ever had a hold on me Ever had a hold on me Funny how Long time ago I knew it all… But the […]

Fall —

Tall So tall You stand and look so Sure Fall When you fall We will rule this World Don’t forget her She’s so much better You turn and she’s still There One day you know They’ll put you below And no one will even Care Love’s all you need Love’s all you need Love’s all […]

Madrone and Pine —

I can draw a line through my spiral It cuts through tension and liars, though The points in my timeline may harmonize The fading dissonance is beautiful Your circle is an endless loop You think it’s a line, fool Broken records and needles don’t rise I got out with smoke and voodoo Learned me good, […]

Grandmother’s Cigarette —

Memories are like feeding flies Looking for a way inside, but These days I get so high I get so high But your grandmother’s cigarette She was an Elvis vet Yeah, she was an Elvis vet I’m still learning the ropes Still trying to cope, and Still on that dope, I’m All wrapped in smoke […]

Blissful Ignorance —

I remember How long the sun was out Fall, feather And now I drown you out I feel Years past of today I steal Memories don’t go away Amazing The mind is a gift I’m playing It shines in the bliss Of ignorance Of ignorance Of ignorance This bliss Is ignorance Is ignorance Is ignorance

Victim —

How did I forgive you Every time Now I rummage through Just in time to find You were the best, but You were the worst, yeah You ruined it, see I’m not gonna pretend Like you’re insane But you’re always perfect in your own head Your guises serve to hide your shame You are the […]

“Nature’s Responses” —

Kill me and I’ll Kill you first I’ve already rehearsed You worried of fire and flood Of tainted blood Now buried in mud But you kept hurting me With white hot machines Your toxic regimes But now I can see And now you can’t breathe Ironic it seems So how does it feel? Now is […]

Selfish —

You’re so selfish Why can’t you see this You’re so selfish Why can’t you be selfless Like you pretend you are Every move has strings attached Now they’re withered and dry from friction (fiction) And your desperate pleas to come back Will still only feed your addiction, because You’re so selfish Why can’t you see […]

Red Caskets —

Been like thisYou drowned me in itNow I see itNow I see it Things won’t ever beWhat you want them to beThe dead branches don’t everFall from your tree Been like thisNever questioned itNow I see past itFor what it is Things won’t ever beWhat you want them to beThe red caskets neverBled just for […]