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People Problems —

Dare I say, in the United States? Child porn isn’t a technology problem. It’s a people problem. Mass shootings isn’t a gun control problem. It’s a people problem. “Far right”, Neo-Nazism and MAGA isn’t a politics problem. It’s a people problem. Human beings need to come together, now more than ever. We’ve been divided and […]

Random idea #5478237 —

(straight from the stickynote..please forgive the run-on sentences, it was a very ‘stream-of-consciousness’ thing) A cartoon musical number where Donald Trump and Eric/Don Jr/etc. are there as kids asking what they should do since they won’t be able to afford some extravagant thing if the bank loan rate is that high, and Donald burst out […]

WTF Musk —

Musk has apparently gone full-on troll against Wikipedia. It’s really sad to see somebody who has done so much for scientific progress stoop so low in his public interactions. I’m honestly ashamed I ever looked up to him as an entrepreneur and cheered my son on years back to write a school report on of […]

Tom Tucker..I mean, wait —

“Begin with criticism, then you go to protest, then you go to impeachment, now you go to indictment, and none of them work. I mean what’s next?“ Uhm, I’m sorry – “none of them work” ? It’s working. You’re just fucking scared because we haven’t given up yet, and things are finally coming to a […]

Actual Prejudice —

Listening to David Bowie’s “China Girl” this morning reminded me that I wanted to make a post about prejudice. I have a pretty simple explanation as to why prejudice is such a trigger/hot topic these days. It wasn’t such an issue not that long ago, right? People at least *somewhat* freely joked about it to […]

How to Conquer a People —

To conquer a people, you simply need to eliminate what binds them together: mutual trust, cooperation and love. Once these are gone, it’s simply a matter of directing them to serve your selfish fucking purpose under a guise of hope to get back to where they were before you infected them in the first place.

Perfect Balance —

If this U.S. midterm election has shown us anything, it’s that representation is in almost _perfect balance_. I think that’s something to be proud and hopeful of. There’s a lot we have to work on; mutual understanding, respect for the rule of law and due process, empathy, honor, conviction… but balance is key to a […]

Political shortsightedness —

Democrats have been blamed for high inflation but I find it “interesting” that the fallout from the complete mismanagement of Covid-19 in the U.S. during the Trump presidency isn’t even considered a factor. It seems painfully obvious to me that the long term impacts of that as well as everything else that was mismanaged and/or […]

Brandon? —

“Let’s go Brandon” is a popular phrase among the alt right because they feel they’re getting away with saying “Fuck you Biden” without actually saying, “Fuck you Biden”. Because that would actually require, you know…balls.