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Welcome to Reality —

Hello, and welcome to reality. Please buckle up!

The purpose of reality is to serve you in your creative endeavors. It is a static world, which means that your actions are everlasting and have the potential to affect everything and everyone around you. Unlike other realms, reality is “sticky” by nature; it is a landscape designed to exploit the potential of long standing focus and attention on your own creativity.

Reality holds many unique concepts which you will eventually become accustomed to. “Logic” and “reason” are two concepts that serve to make sense of everything you experience in reality. They will serve as motivators to do certain things and to follow certain paths throughout your lifetime. While they are extremely beneficial to harness, one must be careful as to how much ultimate value one places in them – too much of either one will only limit your ability to be creative.

Time” is another concept unique to reality. Time serves as a measurement of sorts. It gives you a distinction of knowing the things you have done and the things you can potentially do. Time is a widely misunderstood concept by others in reality. The reason for this misconception is that of emotional and mental attachment. Many hold events of their past so closely to themselves that their ability to manifest potential events of the future are constantly weighed against them. This is a dangerous mindset as it hinders your ultimate creativity and your natural ability to achieve what you desire in reality during your lifetime. Please try to remember that time is nothing more than a measurement – a variable that holds the fabric of the nature of reality together. It should be seen solely as a motivator, and never as an inhibitor of creativity.

What I must also inform you of is the eventual fading of the knowledge of your origins once you enter reality. This natural process might potentially cause you to use the previously described concepts of logic and reason to define your true origins. Many that have forgotten have come to devise various elaborate conclusions which are (unfortunately) based upon unique concepts of reality itself, which might seem very paradoxical. They hold very closely these individual concepts, however, as it fulfills their desire to understand why they came to reality in the first place, as well as their “purpose” (another unique quality of reality). Like minds seem to find much comfort in a sense of belonging to each other by holding these common beliefs. What is interesting is that the higher the numbers that hold these beliefs, the stronger the influence these beliefs have upon those who have not embraced them. Please beware of those who attempt to convince you of their rationalized beliefs of natural origin – yet also do not hold them accountable for believing in something that might seem so trivial here outside of reality – as they, too, transcend out of reality at the end of their lifetime, they will quickly remember their true origins. It is not a negative thing to believe in origins that are not true while in reality, as it is the universal concept of creativity that allows these beliefs to exist in the first place. As long as these beliefs do not hinder ones ability to be limitless in their creativity, false beliefs do no harm. Unfortunately, hindering creativity is a motivator for some belief systems… but again, memories of reality will quickly fade as one transcends, and all will ultimately return to balance.

One concept that has been mentioned throughout this introduction that you will be pleased to know follows you, in full, from here into reality is that of creativity. As you know, creativity is the basis of everything. It is creativity that allows the concept of reality to exist, and is the closest thing you will be able to understand as a “purpose” of life itself. It is very important that you try to remember this as you enter reality. All will quickly fade while your attention starts to focus on the new and interesting and wonderful things reality has to offer – vibrant sound, bright light, enchanting colors and everything else will pull you into a lifetime full of wonder and amazement. Your ultimate ability to remember and embrace the concept of creativity will give you unlimited potential in your endeavors.

Thank you for listening, please enter the downward vortex with a smile – you are in for quite a ride!

-= The Darkener =-


This text Copyright (C) The Darkener and published under the Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution International license.

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