The Darkener's Console

You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

Training the World —

Backwards as fuck
Imagine the luck
Concrete evidence

Clown shoes
Pathetic roos
You think we’re entertained
You think the world is entrained

And maybe “we” are
Complacent in numbers
Dumbfounded and blundered
But not all of us are naive

Your game is pathetic
We deserve more honesty
But you want to trick the rest
Into hemming your dress

So pet your pawn
Let him spew shit from his phone
Pretend it’s real
Watch the rest of the world repeal

But it’s working…
But it’s working…
How can this be working

Are you all in on it?
Is this how you train the world?
Herd them all like sheep
Like Jesus in a pantsuit

Reality show superstar
Supporting roles get white powder in the mail
Or become the subject of hypocritical deportation
Give me a break

This show is boring
I’ll just go deploring
Sick of feeling imprisoned
Led by a carrot on a string

“Work” mates —

I’m thankful for those I “work” with. Colleagues become friends unexpectedly at times, showing how much I have in common with them. IRL is irrelevant. IRC is the medium. Working on a common goal solidifies intent. I feel today has been an important milestone, even if nothing “real” happened. We are completing the steps methodically, with a shared attention to detail and continued faith that this will one day be everything we have worked to create. Objectively open and good for the sake of itself and not for the sole sake of profit. You can’t buy that kind of motivation!!

“Uncle Sam” – The Terrorists —

Please excuse the rough recording, it was at a random practice at Amanda’s house. Ended up being one of the only recordings left after I deleted most of our stuff when the band fell apart. I wish I didn’t do that.

“The Terrorists” was a rock/punk/alternative band I was a part of in 2009-2010. The name was a play on the role the United States was playing on the world stage at the time. This one was one of my favorites.

Rehash —


You think you’re so suave
Making new on the old
Different gen, different gen
Press play for your memories again

Go away forever
I don’t need your direction

Taste the shitty weather
Rehash it all again

I see your loop
But I’m in debt to your coop
I want to move with the masses
Behold, we are all classless

Go away forever
I don’t need your direction

Taste the shitty weather
Rehash it all again
Rehash it all again

Regarding Digesting Independent Music —

I feel like listening to independently created music would be much better if it was performed live. Listening to recorded and mixed tracks with rough and raw vocals/instrumentation gives me an uncomfortable feeling. It’s not the artists’ fault, they’re trying to present themselves as well as possible. The thing is, when I hear heavily mixed/mastered tracks from people who don’t necessarily have the best chops, the sound is conflicting.

If these same artists performed songs live (i.e. livestreaming), people would be much more forgiving of the performance. Not only forgiving, though, but more engaged as well. When I know that an artist probably spent many weeks/months perfecting a track, and there are things wrong with it (maybe mistakes or pitch inconsistencies) I feel that this is the best the artist will ever be able to do. If I heard the same thing, but performed live, I would probably think much more of it as it’s a dynamic and fluid performance.

Virtualization —

Having been researching different open source types of clustering + virtualization + cloud platform technologies (IPVS/LVS, Proxmox, corosync+pacemaker, and at the moment openstack).

I feel it is a probability that, based on peoples’ ability to advance this kind of thing at such a rapid rate, that we’re all living in a simulation (virtualized environment/reality).

Think about it. We’re pretty young as a species (as far as we know). If we can advance technology this far in that little amount of time, we *must* have done it before. And before that. And before that…. the rabbit hole goes deep.

If the attacks are personal —

If the verbal attacks are entirely personal, why can the physical attacks also not be personal (as in, directed at the person and not at the innocent people of the nation they “lead”)?

I remember wondering as a child, if two leaders of nations disagree, why can’t they just play a game of chess, and whoever wins is the one who is declared “right”?

It is the ultimate display of immaturity and being drunk on power that, in retaliation of situations like this, so-called leaders direct (threats of) violence at people NOT involved in the situation.

Trump is not my fucking father. In the same respect, Kim is not the father of the people of NK, no matter how much propaganda and misinformation anyone reads about his dictatorship. It’s simulated at best. Trump is not “responsible” for my safety and the safety of my family besides ME. Nor would I ever want him, or any other in this world, to be. I would hope that deep down the people of America (and every other country, including North Korea) feel the same. We are individual human beings living our lives in this natural world. The simulated, artificial idea of nations with leaders responsible for others they are not directly affiliated with on a personal level is simply tribalism gone too far. We ALL need to pull back and realize that. I’m not responsible for this pissing contest, nor is my family. I don’t want any fucking part of it. Trump and Kim can go have a fucking duel. Don’t take it out on others. We’re just trying to live our own lives the best way we see fit.

Detox —

Is a drug
I am addicted

Analog frequency
I hear its nuance
I can tell it from the digital

Got too close and gravity pulled me in
Locomotion brought me the distance

My body
Is a vessel
With a locked captain’s door

I can rise above
I can pretend
I am swimming in the open
I am swimming in the open

I wanna get so high
When I wave my goodbyes
As I soar past the skies

I can travel
Through space and time
But it’s still only mine
But it’s still only mine

I relapse
I forget
Pull my till through the soil

Soap opera stars
Thrown up couches and fancy cars
Country music don’t go too far

Father Time, Mother Nature
Who woulda known he’d rape her
And now I think I have to save her

Someday I will detox
I’ll go back to my roots
And so will you

Someday I will return
Perfect package or crash-and-burn
As long as I remember what I learned

I’ll remember what I’ve learned
I’ll remember what I’ve learned
I’ll remember what I’ve learned

Jim Carrey —


Picture by Caitlin Cronenberg, interview by Allyson Shiffman – Full interview here

“We’re a bunch of ideas cobbled together to look like a form. There’s a body and there’s a mind, but the body is part of the field of consciousness, just dancing for itself and it’s no different than a plant or a chair or your phone—it’s all one thing. Because we are sentient, there’s a consciousness, and we have to deal with this thing we create, like a fortress of ideas around it. So we say, ‘This is my name and this is my heritage and this is my nationality and here’s my hockey team and these are all of the things that I am.’ That’s the mistake.”

“…step into the river of tears and the sorrows of your life. The things that everyone is avoiding with everything from drugs to drink to sex and gadgets and whatever else you can distract yourself with, all of it is designed for you to never stop going and moving and, for god sakes, not feel the abyss. Don’t allow yourself to feel the abandonment and pain that you’ve suffered. And I’ve done it; I’m through it. I’m sure there will be things that happen again, but I realized that by letting myself fall into it completely, that it’s not to be feared. Death is not to be feared.”

Emulate —

What I want to be
Is like grasping at straws
Can’t get enough, enough
I want to emulate

Pedestal soaring above my head
A monolith, a twin tower
All I want is to endow her
I am not fed from your plate
I want to emulate

What I need to be
Contains all of my flaws
I will call your bluff, your bluff
I want to emulate

UV Water Sterilization Filter Installed for Spring Water System —

We bought an Ultraviolet Sterilization filter on eBay for our Spring Water. So now our refrigerator water comes from 5 gallon bottles of fresh spring water (usually from Rattlesnake Spring, bottled by yours truly) -> “Flojet BW5000” pump (to provide water pressure to fridge) -> “Crystal Quest Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer-1”. Not thinking we need any filtration past this as the water is always crystal clear. I know most places will tell you UV alone isn’t sufficient for solids removal, etc. but I’ve heard many times over that there is almost no trace of any of that at Rattlesnake Spring. What there *was* allegedly tested positive recently for, however, was Coliform Bacteria. I haven’t confirmed this, so take it with a grain of salt. Regardless, I thought it would be good to make sure the water is safe from bacteria, spores, etc.

My Head is Red —

My head is red
As a buoy the newsman said

Infiltrate, it’s
Psychological warfare, it’s
Blanketing the world, it’s
Drowning me

Try to steer this ship
I’m sick of all this shit
I’m overboard

Save myself from what I feel
Try to ignore a bit
Emit all of my wit
Guide me to the shore

Voicemail Greetings are so Obsolete… —

Does anyone really need instructions these days on leaving a voicemail? “Please leave a message after the tone. When you are done, hang up or dial # for more options. Press # to send a fax.”

Seriously? Can I just have an option for a BEEP after the last ring finishes? Or, at the least, NOT have the second automated instructions if I already set up a custom greeting? Such a waste of time. And don’t tell me about hitting # or * to bypass, because each telco is different and I risk accidentally triggering a voicemail login, making me have to hang up and call BACK to actually wait the whole fucking time and THEN leave a voicemail. BLAH!