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The exit to the north end of the room is through huge marble pillars.

Silicon Valley – John the Datacenter Guy —

I don’t watch a bunch of television but recently ran through Mike Judge’s “Silicon Valley”. I really enjoyed the series; it’s refreshing to find such high quality production consistently get technology and business right. John Stafford (the Datacenter manager, pictured) is hilarious. I’m just happy to see areas like this get some attention I guess!

Moved to a Tiling Window Manager —

I’m really enjoying i3 (tiling window manager). I’m no expert but after using it for about 2 months I’m pretty comfortable with it. I used to be intimidated as tiling WMs were so foreign to me. For many years I was a fluxbox faithful but I found myself constantly arranging my windows in ways that a tiling wm does naturally. Seemed like a good idea to just take the plunge and force myself to learn how it worked. It wasn’t that bad! I’d say I’m much more productive with it. Moving stuff around is much faster, and I really enjoy the each-monitor-is-a-workspace concept. This way I can switch workspaces individually on each monitor. In fluxbox each *set* of monitors was a workspace, so I’d change workspaces and *both* monitors would have different apps running. The general concept of workspaces in i3 is really just more up my alley.

How to get away with cheating – the MAGA Republican way —

How to get away with cheating – the MAGA Republican way

Step 1: Accuse others of doing the same thing, loudly and ad nauseam. Pay no attention to evidence, facts or reality – nobody cares.

Step 2: If you get caught, deny it. See step 1 re: evidence. Use the legal system to drag it out until people get nauseous and don’t want to think about it anymore.

Step 3: Double-down on your original accusations. Pepper in additional lies along with personal insults. Do it louder than before. “Flood the zone with shit”.

Step 4: Profit!

2 Bassists —

I remember when I went to tech college, a classmate/friend of mine said he always wanted to form a band with 2 bassists – one for the low end and one playing as lead.

I always thought that was a fucking cool idea.

He also once said about our networking teacher: “He’s got a T-1 directly to his brain.”

He was also the one that first said to me, if you do acid three times, you’re considered legally insane.

He reminded me of Trent Reznor.

He was cool.

Tesla – Solution —

Back before Elon Musk’s electric car company, there was the rock band that actually wanted to be named “City Kidd”. They got the message back then about global warming.
I had the CD this track was on when it came out. I was a teenager and recently obtained it again in my early 40’s. I had forgotten about the song “Solution” and thought it would be appropriate to talk about it now that the human race hasn’t quite united yet on sacrificing or compromising some aspects of their life for the sake of the future of the planet, the human species, and every other living thing here.
Down to the wire, on the end of the road
Down to the wire, and the kids don’t know
Mother Nature’s on her knees, and we’re the reason of her disease
Hangin’ off the ceiling, climbing up the walls
Crawling on my hands and knees to make it through it all
Now we can change or stay the same, one’s the answer and the next to blame
Solution is a world of change

If we’re gonna make it through tomorrow

Down in the dirt and fallin’ out on the street
Crossin’ the line myself (to make it to me)
Mother Nature’s still on her knees, and we’re the reason of her disease
Hangin’ off the ceiling, climbing up the walls
Crawling on my hands and knees to make it through it all

Now we can change or stay the same, one’s the answer and the next insane
Solution is a world of change

If we’re gonna make it through tomorrow
The solution is to make a change today, oh yeah

Make it, I said make it!


Down to the wire, on the end of the road
Down to the wire, all the kids don’t know
Mother Nature’s down on her knees, and we’re the reason of her disease
Hangin’ off the ceiling, climbing up the walls
Crawling on my hands and knees, just to make it, just to make it

Now we can change or stay the same, one’s the answer and the next to blame
Solution is a world of change

If we’re gonna make it through tomorrow
The solution is to make a change today, okay
If we ever make it, now will we ever make it
Through tomorrow
Through tomorrow

Public Service Announcement —

You are having difficulties because you are fundamentally at conflict with your thoughts and feelings and you are using X as a weapon in this conflict. You are hoping that if you do X for long enough you won’t have to feel any of these difficult feelings. This is why it feels so uncomfortable and you are having physical symptoms, it’s because you are fundamentally resisting your emotions which is to fundamentally reject yourself.

As long as you want your emotions gone, that is you want to battle with them, to control them you will always lose and feel overwhelmed. Whatever you resist, persists.

It is a good idea to get out of the habit of resistance because it is resistance to our negative emotions that cause us suffering and not the emotion itself. Emotions are truly neutral, resistance turns them into negative.

To fully accept an emotion:

1. Be honest – don’t gaslight yourself. If you feel angry, sad, ashamed then that’s how you feel and that’s how you SHOULD feel simply because you are feeling that way.

2. Don’t try to feel better – this is our bad habit of resistance. The good intention to feel better is a way of saying I don’t want to feel how I’m feeling now which is rejection. A good test to see if you are accepting is if you can honestly answer no to the question ‘would I mind feeling like this forever?’ (It’s okay if your answer is yes, it takes time to cultivate this attitude, Rome wasn’t built in a day!)

3. See that what you are is acceptance. True acceptance doesn’t come from the mind, it’s not an action that you do. Acceptance is your nature, the nature of consciousness. Consciousness has no way to deny any appearance in it, it’s like an open space. If you understand that that is your true nature you will know it was never you resisting in the first place, it was all the mind

4. Be kind to yourself, it takes time to undo the habit of resistance – we’ve been doing it for so long!

u/Wannabe_Buddha_420 on Reddit

The Source Code —

As I climb the crest of the mountain
Exhaust from the dump truck in front of me lingers and flows into my windows
I’m setting upon another journey on the same tired road I’ve driven ten million times before
Would I be crazy to think that this time would be different?
To think that all of my good deeds and karma would finally pay off?
Or would they simply lead me to entanglement and yet another spider web
And force me to lose an arm to break out…

Mercury heads back out along its way
After an unusually harsh retrograde
While everyone here on the ground is still dizzy
Still drunk from a fortnight of chaos and evil

But I hold steadfast and strong
With a never ending hope that one day
Some day
Things will come back around to me
And the just will once again lead those who need leaders
And the cold blooded reptiles will once again burrow under the hot sand
To hide away and ponder a day when they are allowed to come back again

This road is like a maze, with twisty passages that all look alike
I’m an adventurer, seeking only to explore
But to be free, you must be prepared for war
So with a sword and a stiletto in my hands
I will face the trolls and thieves
And in the underground I find light
Much brighter than above, from a lantern
And I must bring it with me
Else be eaten by a grue
For it lurks in the shadows
Below and above ground
With no discrimination
But for adventurers like me who hold no agenda, but to find happiness and comfort
And maybe some treasure

But let me break the fourth wall
Let me run from the forest directly into the cave
Let me pierce this reality
This is all just a game
So when it’s all over
Let me return
To this bright, familiar road
That I’ve traveled ten million times before
Only to convince myself that maybe this time things will be different

And while Mercury continues out of sight
We will all once again forget the evil and wrongdoing

That comes with confusion
That comes with unease
That comes with not knowing
The source code

(Transcribed from a voice recording taken in 2019/07)

Astrology: Esoteric Nonsense? —

You could say this for any belief system that people take too literally, although I do find it plausible that the orientation of the planets in our solar system has at least something to do with our moods. Force of gravity for instance – humans are made of up to 60% water. The moon pulls on us like it does the tides. Just one very simple example of why so many people believe there’s something to it.

EDIT: Found this pretty interesting.

[Covid-19] California lifts mask mandates for the vaccinated —

Two days ago California lifted the mask mandate for those who are vaccinated only. Those who are unvaccinated are still required to wear masks indoors.

Here’s my rhetorical question: What makes anyone think that anti-vaxers are going to suddenly start following the rules?

I can understand the need to re-open fully for the economy’s sake, but personally it’s a sad state of affairs when money is pitted against public health, no matter to what degree.

Here’s to the 5th wave (cheers), damn I hope I’m wrong though.

Brandon? —

“Let’s go Brandon” is a popular phrase among the alt right because they feel they’re getting away with saying “Fuck you Biden” without actually saying, “Fuck you Biden”.

Because that would actually require, you know…balls.

Ego Strip Social —

I am passive
I listen to you
But I’m only Rx
I don’t transmit too

I don’t mind
No, I don’t mind

I don’t give a flying fuck
I can’t explain it ’cause I think you suck
Sorry but it’s best for both of us

I got my wings
I’m evolving
I’ll take what I need
And that’s all I need

Giraffes Don’t Exist —

I know that you’re starting to
Find out the truth

You’re doing the research
Fight nail and tooth

There’s one thing that I’ve really
Been meaning to tell

To the one that I know
And who knows me so well

It’ll blow your damn mind
How we’ve all been the fool

To the biggest conspiracy
Since we landed the moon

Please understand and
Just turn off your phone

They’re listening to all of us
We’ve made ourselves known

Get ready to hear it,
You’re gonna be pissed

But I had to tell someone
Giraffes don’t exist

Theory —

Theory: Hard-right conservatives and Trump supporters accuse Biden of characteristics that Trump demonstrated while in office even though they bear no relation to Biden in reality. I believe they’re doing this as a subconscious action or reflex of suppressing their fear and self-admittance to having supported Trump, given the fallout and continued mountain of evidence that is stacking up against him and what actually happened during his presidency (especially in relation to January 6th insurrection).

Let’s take a look at this pretty list of characteristics:

  • Dictator
  • Tyrant
  • Fascist
  • Hitler-esque
  • Senile old man
  • Worst President Ever
  • Doesn’t care about the national debt
  • Taking away rights
  • Doesn’t respect American/patriotic/constitutional values
  • Total mismanagement of COVID pandemic
  • Going to bring war to the country through his actions

Who are we talking about again?

Major facets of a nation, things like the economy, society, image and culture shift much like steering a boat. It’s going to keep turning in a particular direction as it gains momentum. Just because it’s been a year doesn’t mean that we’re not still experiencing the steering of the previous administration. No matter how much you crank the wheel in the other direction, depending on how aggressive that last turn was you’re only going to be able to correct so much in a certain amount of time.

The current narrative enables those who wish to continue to suppress the truth, even to themselves, and point their finger at a scapegoat in the name of believing they are ‘still the righteous ones’. Anti-intellectualism is a hell of a drug.