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UV Water Sterilization Filter Installed for Spring Water System —

We bought an Ultraviolet Sterilization filter on eBay for our Spring Water. So now our refrigerator water comes from 5 gallon bottles of fresh spring water (usually from Rattlesnake Spring, bottled by yours truly) -> “Flojet BW5000” pump (to provide water pressure to fridge) -> “Crystal Quest Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer-1”. Not thinking we need any filtration past this as the water is always crystal clear. I know most places will tell you UV alone isn’t sufficient for solids removal, etc. but I’ve heard many times over that there is almost no trace of any of that at Rattlesnake Spring. What there *was* allegedly tested positive recently for, however, was Coliform Bacteria. I haven’t confirmed this, so take it with a grain of salt. Regardless, I thought it would be good to make sure the water is safe from bacteria, spores, etc.

My Head is Red —

My head is red
As a buoy the newsman said

Infiltrate, it’s
Psychological warfare, it’s
Blanketing the world, it’s
Drowning me

Try to steer this ship
I’m sick of all this shit
I’m overboard

Save myself from what I feel
Try to ignore a bit
Emit all of my wit
Guide me to the shore

Voicemail Greetings are so Obsolete… —

Does anyone really need instructions these days on leaving a voicemail? “Please leave a message after the tone. When you are done, hang up or dial # for more options. Press # to send a fax.”

Seriously? Can I just have an option for a BEEP after the last ring finishes? Or, at the least, NOT have the second automated instructions if I already set up a custom greeting? Such a waste of time. And don’t tell me about hitting # or * to bypass, because each telco is different and I risk accidentally triggering a voicemail login, making me have to hang up and call BACK to actually wait the whole fucking time and THEN leave a voicemail. BLAH!

Music in my Head —

Sometimes (lately especially) I’ll wake up with a song stuck in my head. It isn’t necessarily a song I’ve listened to recently. Tonight I fell asleep briefly and woke up to a Deftones song stuck in my head. I don’t know how long it’s been (months at least) since I heard the song. But earlier my wife was talking to me about Guns ‘n Roses being on Sirius XM Radio and that they were still touring at the moment. She brought up their website and their tour page said they were playing some shows with Deftones. I thought that was cool, but don’t recall even thinking of that song specifically either.

Sometimes I think my mind has memorized all music I’ve listened to and plays it back to me while I sleep.

Karamu Poutama —

Open your third eye,
And cry for the first time,
Feel the wonder unwind and medicate your mind,
Walk bare feet on the grass, breathe each breath, as if it were your last
Look to the future, step with the past, only way you miss it is by walking too fast.

Two eyes for lookin’
One eye for seein’
To stare into this shining light and open up the meaning, for feeling
This sight with open arms, be calm, no harm has to rest in your palms.

This is the beginning of your healing

Too many theives on the steal, too many walls up and blocking out whats real,
And as the morning shines with the sun rise I look into the light
And let it pour into my mind, yeah
Don’t bother trying to look for meaning,
When your head is pressed against the corporate ladders ceiling
That us just stealing, the moments from the homeless that
Believe a walk in natures more important than a building.

Watch his full set at LiveFeeds here.

The Future of Google Glass Style Devices —

I’d like to see Google Glass in a form factor that causes it to be nearly invisible.

The big hit to Glass was that it was obvious what it was and what its capabilities were. Google didn’t impress me in the “obviously you’re being recorded, look at this thing on my head” department. All of the technical capabilities, given I haven’t experienced one first-hand before, are very forward thinking and well thought out.

I find it only of a successive nature that this isn’t the end of the road for wearable recording devices. Not by a long shot – IMHO Glass was simply a proof of concept. Many times during the week do I wish I could just record a special moment of what I’m seeing and hearing. Not necessarily to upload and share, but as a convenient replacement for having to pull out a phone, unlock it, launch the camera app, then live the rest of said special moment vicariously through the abstraction of the weird and awkward phone camera app. This all takes away from the moment, which is irreplaceable.

3 Essentials for success in everyday wearable recording devices:

  • Make it invisible (so others aren’t distracted by it, therefore tainting the special moment).
  • Make it absolutely dead easy to start recording (i.e. do not allow it to distract from the special moment).
  • Make it private and secure (do not require cloud storage, or even network/Internet access – store locally!)

Carl Jung on Death and Dying —

“Look forward to the next day, as if he had to spend centuries…and then he lives hopefully. But when he is afraid, when he doesn’t look forward, he looks back, it petrifies him. He gets stiff, and he dies before his time. But when he’s living on, looking forward to the great adventure that is ahead, he lives, and that is about what their conscious is intending to do.” -Carl Jung

Somone hates me on Slashdot —

These days, it seems I can’t comment on any story without losing at least one modpoint. Doesn’t matter the contents, whether it’s a nice, watered-down, etc. comment, or what type of story I’m commenting on, almost instantly I go from 2 points to either 1 or 0. This has been happening for at least 2 years now. Someone’s got it out for me either on Slashdot or someone else with a huge collection of accounts that use collective modpoints to mod their foes down.

There’s gotta be something that can counter that. I’ve always liked Slashdot’s karma system, but it really seems at this point that someone’s figured it out and started abusing it on a massive scale.

Drain the Stale Chi —

Drain the Stale Chi
Tingles with the energy
Give it to the world
Inverse the hurt

Breathe in, let it sink in
Withdrawal from Mother Earth
She keeps me balanced
Slowly I gather up

Seldom moments become plenty
Slowing the mind creates time
The perception of reality
Is whatever I want it to be

Let me not forget this
As I plunge back into it
Keep me true, to you
Remember this

This energy
Bleeds tranquility
This energy
Bleeds tranquility
This energy…

Cellphones at Concerts —

You know what would work well for artists that perform at concerts who are annoyed at everyone pointing their cell phones at them? If they (or the venue) professionally recorded each concert in high quality and distributed it to each paying concert-goer. Why have a thousand shitty videos with shitty audio flooding YouTube when you could have a single, awesome looking/sounding one given to all, possibly included in ticket price? Then, at least, the artists would be re-connected with their fans by being able to see the whites of their eyes. I honestly don’t envy performers in that respect – I don’t want to look at a stadium full of camera lenses with people who love and are enjoying your music being blocked by them. I want to connect.

Carpet Ride —

Chris Cornell
Seems all the ones from
When I was young are

Seems that all who sung from
The heart soul and lungs aren’t

Is it true
That times are gone
For honest men?

And now even you
Won’t sing your songs

I’ll try to
Keep my head up high
Put my sorrows aside

I’ll find you
In the sky
On that carpet ride

I’ll try to
Keep my head up high
Put my sorrows aside

I’ll find you
In the sky
On that carpet ride

Something’s gotta give, but
There’s something in the way

Someone’s gotta live, brother
I think we’re being played

I think we’re being played…

Play to the Drummer —

I feel no dumber
It’s a sausage cucumber
I’ll take a number

You’ll never make it
And I can’t fake it
Don’t try and take it
No I’ll never

Play to the drummer
Play to the drummer
I’m winter to your summer
Guess I’m that much dumber
I’ll take a number

Dead Letter Feeling —

Ostracizing a pet goat
What am I worth today
Not much, says the salesman

I want to fly away
With the fuzzy bass
And an electric face

Keep it coming, randomly
I can’t suppose the supposedly
Gimme one more shot man
I can do what you want then

Fuck this abbreviation
I can’t take this asphyxiation
Let me breathe through this tube
Not much more than a plastic bag womb
Killer, traitor
Taking it down
Can’t stand it when a clown starts to frown
And I cant fill my head anymore
I’s gore, then a bore, to desensitize the masses
Take classes
Or smoke weed and pass it

Why can’t I be sedated
I’m overrated
Just a drunk in a stoner’s jacket
I whack this mole till it comes true
To you
To you
I’m through

Spray —

You don’t wanna talk
No you don’t wanna talk
Got your tail between your legs
Guess I put you in your place

What did I have to do
Were you convincing me
Or maybe just you
And the ones that used to know you, too

I get what you want
But you’re stuck in a loop
I get what you want
But you’re stuck in a loop
Stuck in a loop

Do you ever regret
Getting high before the set
Called the photographer a chump
Yeah you pissed on that stump

So go fool some more and
Keep spitting that game you got and
Keep playing those same songs
With a million more people who’ll figure out
You’re just spraying shit

So sick of M$ OS/Product Announcements —

“Windows 10 Cloud”…lol. C’mon Microsoft, really?

I guess I’ve just been through enough of these types of project announcements from M$ that I’ve become ‘immune’ to them. At first I’d be interested. “Oh, something new. I wonder what it’s about.” It almost always ends up being some rehash of an old system that sucked.

What M$ system doesn’t suck though, seriously?

I’m so finished with Microsoft shit. I hate supporting it. I’ve been ready to completely shift over to open source projects for years now. I hate having to rely on Microsoft’s shitty products to make money.

Gasping for Air —

I feel like I’m suffocating in a sea called America who’s sole purpose is now to strip the very air necessary to sustain life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. How the fuck did I allow this to happen? The Earth is changing, our next generations in jeopardy and our new narcissistic leader is forcing us to turn our cheeks in favor of money.

Fuck you. You are a cancer, a destructive parasite who cannot see that your host will topple over as you gut it, killing you in the process of your narrow mindedness, your naivety, your aggressive campaign to turn back the hands of time. And for what? You still haven’t told us, you’re leaving us in the dark. You are a criminal, and somehow, some way you tricked an entire nation into disregarding your entire past and believing that your blabber is the correct way to move forward. Again I say – FUCK YOU.