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Luddites vs. Loom Machines —

There’s a lot to be worried about in this late-stage of capitalism and humans.. AI infiltrating art itself, for example. What humans need is a universal agreement that technology != art. We need to separate art and technology. We’ve got to understand again that the value of art is that it is created by humans […]

45 —

He’s currently shifting posture to include even more calls for violence and more general focus on weaponry (guns specifically). This guy is desperate. Be aware, to those who easily hear his dog whistles (everybody?).

Two sides —

Don’t you come around here No don’t you come ’round here Don’t you come around here No don’t you… Think you know it all Yeah think you know it Think you know it all Yeah think you know it Take a step back, and see… There’s two sides to every story Come on there’s two […]

Tom Tucker..I mean, wait —

“Begin with criticism, then you go to protest, then you go to impeachment, now you go to indictment, and none of them work. I mean what’s next?“ Uhm, I’m sorry – “none of them work” ? It’s working. You’re just fucking scared because we haven’t given up yet, and things are finally coming to a […]

Adults and Responsibility —

Here’s a good quote about adults who fail to take responsibility in their lives. Pay attention to the last paragraph – it’s telling. “Some people are good at being responsible adults. They make conscious, informed decisions about their lives and as a result are confident, secure and productive. Some people prefer to abdicate their personal […]

Actual Prejudice —

Listening to David Bowie’s “China Girl” this morning reminded me that I wanted to make a post about prejudice. I have a pretty simple explanation as to why prejudice is such a trigger/hot topic these days. It wasn’t such an issue not that long ago, right? People at least *somewhat* freely joked about it to […]

Dude —

What if the whole AI narrative is just a cover for a psyops campaign to ensure mass acceptance of systems where people voluntarily conduct seemingly “private” or “confidential” conversations with a computer/service, where the data is stored indefinitely to hold in your digital “file” and be used as an ever-growing databank of leverage with you…just […]

AI Generated Art —

AI isn’t human. It’s software. Art is works of self expression authored by humans. One feels connected to a piece by experiencing it with emotional honesty and vulnerability and genuineness, just as the creators did as they created it. Maybe not the *same* emotions; art is generally interpretative; but in it’s truest form it is […]

AI, F/OSS and Copyright —

Warning, petty conspiracy theory ahead: 1) Buy GitHub to mitigate possible legal contingencies 2) Help build an LLM that can write (and slightly modify existing) code at an amazing rate and ever-increasing quality 3) Train it on data from the open web, including GH of course 4) Produce “unique” code where the rightful copyright holder […]