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Nada Surf —

I got High/Low at a thrift store a few months ago – I almost didn’t, but always did enjoy “Popular”. Low and behold, this album has become one of my “new-old” favorites. All of the songs seem very well done and are thoughtful pieces for that genre. I always thought they were one-hit wonders but […]

Adjust Official Raspberry Pi 7″ Touchscreen LCD Brightness With Zenity —

Here’s a quick-n-dirty script for adjusting the Official Raspberry Pi 7″ Touchscreen LCD Brightness With Zenity (Tested on Raspbian): #!/bin/bash # # Sets the Raspberry Pi touchscreen brightness. # Set variables zenity=”/usr/bin/zenity” # Get desired brightness level b=$(“$zenity” \ –scale \ –value=120 \ –min-value=10 \ –max-value=254 \ –step=2 \ –title “Set LCD Brightness” \ –text […]

That’s Ok —

This didn’t work the way I wanted That’s ok I got this for free What can I do to help This didn’t work the way I wanted That’s not ok I paid, I paid You owe me, yeah you sell This synapse A prolapse Stress induced neurotransmission Get the fuck out of me What I […]

The Full Truth —

It’s eating at me, but I must protect me It’s much more than you think This trajectory My trajectory These years go by like days My life is already starting to wain I’m loyal, I’ve sustained This vision in me I’m stuck in this tree Trying to break free from trading time for money But […]

i3: A Love Affair —

I don’t remember if I posted about switching window managers from Fluxbox to i3 (Update: Yep) but after about 6 months of a tabbed window manager, and enjoying many aspects of it, it proved to be a bit less productive than what I had grown accustomed to over decades with Fluxbox / Openbox / Blackbox […]

Sound vs. Image —

It’s honestly hard for me to get motivated by venues’ emails with upcoming shows. All the relevant info is there – Artist names, genre(s) and styles, the date of the show…a few even have links for Spotify which I appreciate. But then there’s the professionally taken band image. Everybody trying to ‘look’ like something, like […]

Microsoft vs. Linux —

Microsoft is like a very expensive, but sleek and featureful car. It is static and monolithic and richly serves a tyrant called Economy… and yet requires a lot of upkeep, somehow. Linux is like a custom built hotrod. It’s literally free and respects liberty – volunteers have band together to forge the parts themselves. It […]

Once Upon a Time.. —

There was a horrible tyrant, and his henchman. The henchman was loyal, truthful and always did his best to appease his master, as he is also master of all beneath him. Though he dreamed of one day being the ruler of all, and armed with the faults he saw in the horrible tyrant, he felt […]

It’s Kinda Weird —

Growing up I always had pretty strong feelings about different genres of music.. but like many things in life, as I got older I got wiser and sort of zoomed out a bit from myself to see the bigger picture. Yes, I am an individual. Yes, I have my own preferences and tastes and opinions […]

Perfect Balance —

If this U.S. midterm election has shown us anything, it’s that representation is in almost _perfect balance_. I think that’s something to be proud and hopeful of. There’s a lot we have to work on; mutual understanding, respect for the rule of law and due process, empathy, honor, conviction… but balance is key to a […]

Political shortsightedness —

Democrats have been blamed for high inflation but I find it “interesting” that the fallout from the complete mismanagement of Covid-19 in the U.S. during the Trump presidency isn’t even considered a factor. It seems painfully obvious to me that the long term impacts of that as well as everything else that was mismanaged and/or […]

Boulevard Park —

We ordered Mexican food from a local place off of E. Holly St. and took it down to Boulevard Park. We found a nice picnic bench and as we made our way toward it, a man played a Melodica. The Sun was setting beautifully over the islands. There were many people there, yet the park […]