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AI, F/OSS and Copyright —

Warning, petty conspiracy theory ahead: 1) Buy GitHub to mitigate possible legal contingencies 2) Help build an LLM that can write (and slightly modify existing) code at an amazing rate and ever-increasing quality 3) Train it on data from the open web, including GH of course 4) Produce “unique” code where the rightful copyright holder […]

Hollow —

It sounds like you But it’s hollow It’s soul is ruined It’s so shallow Replicating nuance like autotune Fooled some, but not all They say it’s coming soon You won’t be able to tell It’s hollow Tomorrow You can’t emulate the soul Impossible

Energy, IMO —

Reality is, and always has been, in perfectly balanced chaos. When things become unbalanced – such as more negative vs. positive energy or vise versa, the other side fights with a vengeance to find that equilibrium. Most times it ends up overshooting and creating an opposing imbalance. I think that’s just the way it works. […]

Ah, life —

One of the most sobering things I’ve experienced in life is watching videos I’ve taken of my friends and myself in my late teens / early 20’s (I’m in my early 40’s now). We originally recorded them all on camcorders (yes kids, with actual tape) over the course of a number of years. Parties, outings, […]

Myspace error —

I made this with a text-to-speech program (festival IIRC) in 2007. I put it on my band‘s MySpace page music player in an attempt to rouse listeners’ curiosity. Also I’ve always been a wannabe hacker and thought it was fun to come up with the content. Enjoy ;)

Progress in My Own Mind —

I want to change my thought process when I’m studying something particularly challenging/intimidating, to seek out a flaw of any kind (a spelling/grammar error, for example) to dismiss it entirely. It’s like I do it subconsciously to guard myself from feeling inadequate for not understanding the material. I feel this is something that I’ve carried […]

How to Conquer a People —

To conquer a people, you simply need to eliminate what binds them together: mutual trust, cooperation and love. Once these are gone, it’s simply a matter of directing them to serve your selfish fucking purpose under a guise of hope to get back to where they were before you infected them in the first place.

Firefox —

I love how Firefox bookmarks have “Separators” (lines you can insert between bookmarks in bookmark folders). It is a very simple but elegant tool in bookmark management. I have an extensive collection of bookmarks and this really helps me find what I’m looking for quickly.

Dam —

I build and I fill This dam I’m so dumb But when it’s all over And I fill it back up It’ll be like I come Dam brought up to the brim With poison But the rain’s coming… I’m gonna flush it all out And close up the gate Let time replenish And life will […]

Muhahahaha!! —

I’ve been playing L.O.R.D. and have been sacrificing a lot of time saving my gold instead of incrementing up and losing a ton of gold in the process. My standing was on a steady decline. I was getting my ass handed to me on a daily basis. I was saving though, and marking milestones in […]

The Innocent —

Through the greed of others, the innocent will pay Through the greed of others, the innocent will pay Through the greed of others, the innocent will pay Through the greed of others, the innocent will pay Through the greed of others, the innocent will pay Through the greed of others, the innocent will pay Through […]

Nada Surf —

I got High/Low at a thrift store a few months ago – I almost didn’t, but always did enjoy “Popular”. Low and behold, this album has become one of my “new-old” favorites. All of the songs seem very well done and are thoughtful pieces for that genre. I always thought they were one-hit wonders but […]

Adjust Official Raspberry Pi 7″ Touchscreen LCD Brightness With Zenity —

Here’s a quick-n-dirty script for adjusting the Official Raspberry Pi 7″ Touchscreen LCD Brightness With Zenity (Tested on Raspbian): #!/bin/bash # # Sets the Raspberry Pi touchscreen brightness. # Set variables zenity=”/usr/bin/zenity” # Get desired brightness level b=$(“$zenity” \ –scale \ –value=120 \ –min-value=10 \ –max-value=254 \ –step=2 \ –title “Set LCD Brightness” \ –text […]

That’s Ok —

This didn’t work the way I wanted That’s ok I got this for free What can I do to help This didn’t work the way I wanted That’s not ok I paid, I paid You owe me, yeah you sell This synapse A prolapse Stress induced neurotransmission Get the fuck out of me What I […]

The Full Truth —

It’s eating at me, but I must protect me It’s much more than you think This trajectory My trajectory These years go by like days My life is already starting to wain I’m loyal, I’ve sustained This vision in me I’m stuck in this tree Trying to break free from trading time for money But […]

i3: A Love Affair —

I don’t remember if I posted about switching window managers from Fluxbox to i3 (Update: Yep) but after about 6 months of a tabbed window manager, and enjoying many aspects of it, it proved to be a bit less productive than what I had grown accustomed to over decades with Fluxbox / Openbox / Blackbox […]