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2 Bassists —

I remember when I went to tech college, a classmate/friend of mine said he always wanted to form a band with 2 bassists – one for the low end and one playing as lead. I always thought that was a fucking cool idea. He also once said about our networking teacher: “He’s got a T-1 […]

Tesla – Solution —

Back before Elon Musk’s electric car company, there was the rock band that actually wanted to be named “City Kidd”. They got the message back then about global warming. I had the CD this track was on when it came out. I was a teenager and recently obtained it again in my early 40’s. I […]

Public Service Announcement —

“You are having difficulties because you are fundamentally at conflict with your thoughts and feelings and you are using X as a weapon in this conflict. You are hoping that if you do X for long enough you won’t have to feel any of these difficult feelings. This is why it feels so uncomfortable and […]

The Source Code —

As I climb the crest of the mountain Exhaust from the dump truck in front of me lingers and flows into my windows I’m setting upon another journey on the same tired road I’ve driven ten million times before Would I be crazy to think that this time would be different? To think that all […]

Brandon? —

“Let’s go Brandon” is a popular phrase among the alt right because they feel they’re getting away with saying “Fuck you Biden” without actually saying, “Fuck you Biden”. Because that would actually require, you know…balls.

Ego Strip Social —

I am passive I listen to you But I’m only Rx I don’t transmit too I don’t mind No, I don’t mind I don’t give a flying fuck I can’t explain it ’cause I think you suck Sorry but it’s best for both of us I got my wings I’m evolving I’ll take what I […]

Giraffes Don’t Exist —

I know that you’re starting to Find out the truth You’re doing the research Fight nail and tooth There’s one thing that I’ve really Been meaning to tell To the one that I know And who knows me so well It’ll blow your damn mind How we’ve all been the fool To the biggest conspiracy […]

Theory —

Theory: Hard-right conservatives and Trump supporters accuse Biden of characteristics that Trump demonstrated while in office even though they bear no relation to Biden in reality. I believe they’re doing this as a subconscious action or reflex of suppressing their fear and self-admittance to having supported Trump, given the fallout and continued mountain of evidence […]