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Felon —

I think we all need to take a look at Trump’s track record from 2016-2020. I think we’ve all got a bit of amnesia from what happened, and didn’t happen during that time period, because it seems like we’re all moving forward with the 2024 election like it’s a do-over. Trump had 4 years to […]

People Problems —

Dare I say, in the United States? Child porn isn’t a technology problem. It’s a people problem. Mass shootings isn’t a gun control problem. It’s a people problem. “Far right”, Neo-Nazism and MAGA isn’t a politics problem. It’s a people problem. Human beings need to come together, now more than ever. We’ve been divided and […]

Repetition —

You wanna know the secret to success? Repetition. It’s no more complex than that. Music and rhetoric. Art and politics. You wanna steer a people? Repetition. We’re all fucking apes. We think we’re so smart, so evolved… go fuck yourself. We’re animals, feeding off of the umbilical residue of generations before us… In the end, […]

Memory #9272748 —

My grandparents on my mother’s side had a hearing aid business/office when I was little. I remember my parents dropping me off there on occasion to “work”, my grandparents assigning me some duties such as sorting the small glossy brochures for different products. I remember sorting through them as quickly and efficiently as possible, to […]

Adults and Responsibility —

Here’s a good quote about adults who fail to take responsibility in their lives. Pay attention to the last paragraph – it’s telling. “Some people are good at being responsible adults. They make conscious, informed decisions about their lives and as a result are confident, secure and productive. Some people prefer to abdicate their personal […]

Progress in My Own Mind —

I want to change my thought process when I’m studying something particularly challenging/intimidating, to seek out a flaw of any kind (a spelling/grammar error, for example) to dismiss it entirely. It’s like I do it subconsciously to guard myself from feeling inadequate for not understanding the material. I feel this is something that I’ve carried […]

How to Conquer a People —

To conquer a people, you simply need to eliminate what binds them together: mutual trust, cooperation and love. Once these are gone, it’s simply a matter of directing them to serve your selfish fucking purpose under a guise of hope to get back to where they were before you infected them in the first place.

Boulevard Park —

We ordered Mexican food from a local place off of E. Holly St. and took it down to Boulevard Park. We found a nice picnic bench and as we made our way toward it, a man played a Melodica. The Sun was setting beautifully over the islands. There were many people there, yet the park […]

Public Service Announcement —

“You are having difficulties because you are fundamentally at conflict with your thoughts and feelings and you are using X as a weapon in this conflict. You are hoping that if you do X for long enough you won’t have to feel any of these difficult feelings. This is why it feels so uncomfortable and […]

Success vs. Failure —

This came into my head when I was finishing up my Tai-Chi routine this morning: I was raised believing that there is an ‘end game’ or ‘goal’ in life. When I die, I am judged based on my actions. If I am deemed worthy to go to Heaven, I will spend eternity in bliss. If […]

Tackling Obstacles —

“When I’m scared to tackle an obstacle, I close my eyes and pretend I’m an 80 year old man who regrets not tackling all of the obstacles he wanted to in life. Then when I feel like that old man, I say to myself, “I wish I was young again”, then I open my eyes….And […]

Breathing —

I’ve found that a good way to concentrate on breathing and remain in the moment is to understand that by consciously breathing, my actual consciousness is synchronizing with my body. Syncing up like this manifests the blissfully lucid energy that is usually trapped dormant within the confines of my soul, taken hostage by obsessive thought […]