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WTF Musk —

Musk has apparently gone full-on troll against Wikipedia.

It’s really sad to see somebody who has done so much for scientific progress stoop so low in his public interactions. I’m honestly ashamed I ever looked up to him as an entrepreneur and cheered my son on years back to write a school report on of his achievements and all of the good he was (at the time) doing in the world. I mean, nobody’s perfect but there’s been something really wrong with him since Covid and 45.

These are my predictions of Musk – his recent actions tell me he’s likely to do one of the following:

  • Drive Wikipedia into the ground like he did Twitter
  • Run for (R) POTUS
  • Blow the rest of his money on stupid shit he has no business with, for the lulz
  • Continue to covertly build an army of his enemies, unbeknownst to them, and ultimately direct them all off a cliff Lemmings style

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