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Anyone who DECRIES this verdict —

What makes more sense is that anyone who DECRIES this verdict is a danger to you and your family, because they’re not respecting the rule of law, juries made up of people just like you and I, or our legal system on a foundational and constitutional level.

I don’t think any Democrat, Independent, or any non-Trump supporter around the world for that matter thinks ANYONE should get away with crimes they commit.


Yes, even Hunter, Jesus tap-dancing Christ.

Can we fucking move on, now? We have a country to unite. We don’t need any more of this toxic partisan rhetoric. There’s much more to come for him, too, this isn’t his only shit he’s done (or will do, most likely, unless he actually goes to jail.)

I say let anyone who committed a crime do their respective time, according to the law – because if we have no enforcement of law, we have anarchy. If we need to question laws, let’s do that too. But don’t just go making laws and then pretend that SOME people don’t need to abide by them. You’re no better than me, I’m no better than you.

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