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There is a nasty knife here.

The Source Code —

As I climb the crest of the mountain
Exhaust from the dump truck in front of me lingers and flows into my windows
I’m setting upon another journey on the same tired road I’ve driven ten million times before
Would I be crazy to think that this time would be different?
To think that all of my good deeds and karma would finally pay off?
Or would they simply lead me to entanglement and yet another spider web
And force me to lose an arm to break out…

Mercury heads back out along its way
After an unusually harsh retrograde
While everyone here on the ground is still dizzy
Still drunk from a fortnight of chaos and evil

But I hold steadfast and strong
With a never ending hope that one day
Some day
Things will come back around to me
And the just will once again lead those who need leaders
And the cold blooded reptiles will once again burrow under the hot sand
To hide away and ponder a day when they are allowed to come back again

This road is like a maze, with twisty passages that all look alike
I’m an adventurer, seeking only to explore
But to be free, you must be prepared for war
So with a sword and a stiletto in my hands
I will face the trolls and thieves
And in the underground I find light
Much brighter than above, from a lantern
And I must bring it with me
Else be eaten by a grue
For it lurks in the shadows
Below and above ground
With no discrimination
But for adventurers like me who hold no agenda, but to find happiness and comfort
And maybe some treasure

But let me break the fourth wall
Let me run from the forest directly into the cave
Let me pierce this reality
This is all just a game
So when it’s all over
Let me return
To this bright, familiar road
That I’ve traveled ten million times before
Only to convince myself that maybe this time things will be different

And while Mercury continues out of sight
We will all once again forget the evil and wrongdoing

That comes with confusion
That comes with unease
That comes with not knowing
The source code

(Transcribed from a voice recording taken in 2019/07)

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