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Leenode —

With so much drama in the IRC, it’s kinda hard managing a community. But I, somehow, someway, keep logging into irssi like every single day

May I kick a little channels for the Lees, And make a few ends as I apologeeze through, Two in the hashtags and the channel’s not jumpin’, cause they left the freenode

I got users in the chat rooms gettin’ it on, And they ain’t leavin’ till the year 2091

So, what you wanna do? /quit? I got a client full of channels and my homeboys do too

Forget ’bout the fight and close window, it’s all done, we don’t love them ho’s, yeah

so, we got IRC bounce for this. Vs up, ops down, while you channelopers kick for this

Bumpin’ IRC, smokin’ Andrew, connecting Libera too…laid back.. with my mind on community and community on my mind


(A little back-and-forth I did with another user in my local LUG channel, haha)

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