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AI Generated Art —

AI isn’t human. It’s software.

Art is works of self expression authored by humans. One feels connected to a piece by experiencing it with emotional honesty and vulnerability and genuineness, just as the creators did as they created it. Maybe not the *same* emotions; art is generally interpretative; but in it’s truest form it is honest and vulnerable and genuine none the less.

When software (read: generative AI) outputs “art” it loses that validity. It’s fake. Emulated. Approximated by the application of algorithms.

Generative AI isn’t sentient. It has no capacity to feel emotion, so it’s output is not self expression. It may be based on the templates of countless works ripped off scraped from the Internet, but it’s not art in and of itself.

This thought reminds me of a children’s book on (then early 1980’s) computers I read when I was about 6 years old. The one line I remember from that book was, “Computers do not have feelings.” At least as of right now, I think that statement still holds true. But….change my mind.

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