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i3: A Love Affair —

I don’t remember if I posted about switching window managers from Fluxbox to i3 (Update: Yep) but after about 6 months of a tabbed window manager, and enjoying many aspects of it, it proved to be a bit less productive than what I had grown accustomed to over decades with Fluxbox / Openbox / Blackbox (back in the day). I’ve tried most window managers, from KDE to Gnome, from Windowmaker to twm.. but something has always drawn me to the *boxes. It’s just kinda 1337 I guess, haha.

I’m a minimalist. I value function over form in most cases. What I’ve found with the *nix culture, however, is that I can have my cake and eat it too. A beautifully crafted, extremely lightweight and fast as fuck window manager is all I’ve ever wanted.

I don’t really desire integration between utilities and apps and the window manager (i.e. a DE). It just feels like lock-in and I have an obligation to use the integrated software instead of alternatives..and just to me, it doesn’t feel as free. There are so many options in the F/OSS world and I guess I’m kind of a whore that way.. I wanna try them all ;)

Listen – I don’t *need* pretty widgets – but dockapps are fucking awesome, take virtually no resources, are very satisfying eye candy, don’t ever cause issues and provide valuable, mostly customizable information.

Anyway, I came to a realization today that I don’t *have* to choose, at least 100%, what my standard window manager was. For instance, I’m going to continue to use i3 on my laptop. It makes more sense – the keyboard-does-most-everything approach is great for mobile.

What will never leave my thoughts, however… is that all of this great open source software is hacked out by people that *want* to do it. The development of a piece of software is driven by the developer(s). The motivations are key to the quality of a product. The motivations are also determined by the reward, or compensation, or result of development. What does the dev get out of it? Money? Eh…. Leaving your mark or legacy? Blood sweat and tears go into projects like that. Changing the fucking world?

Count me in.

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