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Moved to a Tiling Window Manager —

I’m really enjoying i3 (tiling window manager). I’m no expert but after using it for about 2 months I’m pretty comfortable with it. I used to be intimidated as tiling WMs were so foreign to me. For many years I was a fluxbox faithful but I found myself constantly arranging my windows in ways that a tiling wm does naturally. Seemed like a good idea to just take the plunge and force myself to learn how it worked. It wasn’t that bad! I’d say I’m much more productive with it. Moving stuff around is much faster, and I really enjoy the each-monitor-is-a-workspace concept. This way I can switch workspaces individually on each monitor. In fluxbox each *set* of monitors was a workspace, so I’d change workspaces and *both* monitors would have different apps running. The general concept of workspaces in i3 is really just more up my alley.

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