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You are about 10 feet above the ground nestled among some large branches.

I don’t remember writing this, but I know I did —

I have faith in the world music community because
I’ve learned what makes one thrive.

People that care about each other – a fellowship of
sorts, with a strong passion for the music – the art,
the movement, the microcosms that form within the
whole. Virgin sounds are created and repeated for
consumption by people, in an effort to extract an
emotion or feeling.

This core communal motivation to make and experience
music together as a group is undeniable for many people.
It’s not a choice but a necessity – an underlying, never ending

I feel that it’s time to build a new global music ecosystem.
One that’s based on freely sharing originally created works
and allowing the covering, remixing of them too. We cannot
rely on the current industry to allow the art of music creation
and consumption to happen organically – we need new music
under a new premise that sidesteps the deadlocks that
money brings to it.

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  1. Gnor says:

    Wild blessings on this venture! I’m not a musician nor even a connoisseur yet I do understand and resonate with what you’re saying about the necessity of music. Music is part of the core, a sine que non of our humanity right there next to telling stories.

    In fact, if you ignore for a moment this recent 10,000 year half-blip in our collective history, music has always been how we tell our stories and pass on cultural identity from generation to generation. If we lose our music, we lose ourselves. If we sell our music, we sell ourselves.

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