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Where Music (And All Art for That Matter) Deserves to Be Placed in Western Culture —

When people can afford music, they buy or subscribe to it.
When people can’t afford music, they download it, rip it, copy it, steal it, whatever. Or listen to it with ads, marketing products and services that put the music on the same level..

But shouldn’t everyone have equal access to music?
If you want it, or..NEED it?

Is music a “product” to be bought, sold, rented, ‘allowed to be’ played publicly, ?
Or is it an expression and an art that’s meant to be shared FREELY, for the benefit of the receiver, first and FOREMOST?
Artists need to eat, yes. There is no arguing that.
We must have two basic things: food and shelter, to juice our souls for the music we create—but most times, unfortunately, not much else.
Do we deserve MORE than the bare minimum? Abso-FUCKING-lutely.
Some people even make music WITHOUT the above two presumed prerequisites. How? Why?
Because we *have* to. It’s in our blood, and bones. It’s a sense of tranquility. It’s another plane. It’s harmony, something we’re all meant to feel.

It’s what we’re meant to do.

Even with the rise of all this technology and connectivity, too much music is still locked behind some kind of paywall or subscription.
Artists DESERVE comfort, and recognition, and success, for the applied skill and dedication to their craft. ESPECIALLY when it can benefit so many others.
If you could see what they see, it’d be worth its weight in gold and more… Because it is.
Even if it’s raw, rough around the edges.
If it’s a true expression, it’s priceless.

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  1. Gnor says:

    I’ve never considered myself a musician or audiophile. But I think it’s undeniable that music powerfully affects every human being. It’s resonates with something that vibrates in all of us. Sitting in a coffee shop, hearing a song come over the speakers that was part of a movie soundtrack, transported back to the images and message and the impact of that message on my soul. What else can do that?

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