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Virtualization —

Having been researching different open source types of clustering + virtualization + cloud platform technologies (IPVS/LVS, Proxmox, corosync+pacemaker, and at the moment openstack).

I feel it is a probability that, based on peoples’ ability to advance this kind of thing at such a rapid rate, that we’re all living in a simulation (virtualized environment/reality).

Think about it. We’re pretty young as a species (as far as we know). If we can advance technology this far in that little amount of time, we *must* have done it before. And before that. And before that…. the rabbit hole goes deep.

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  1. Gnor says:

    I think we do it all the time without realizing it. It’s actually a feature (not a bug) of the way we usually think, or are taught to think- or to put it another way, it’s a feature of “reality” if we define “reality” as a way of thinking.

    “The Internet” doesn’t exist outside of our minds (they exist virtually). Neither does “the people’s will” or “the government”. These are all just ideas, virtualizations, supersets, concepts… they only exist in our minds- and even then, only if/when we choose to.

    To make a current application, does Catalonia exist? What about Spain? The EU? The “international community”?

    So that’s virtualization of the first level- the kind anyone and everyone can realize and admit to. But are there further levels as you suggest? Tantalizing thought. Is it true that “there is no spoon”?

  2. The Darkener says:

    IMHO, there definitely is no spoon. =}

    I agree that most things are simply ideas, constructions of the mind, which can be endlessly argued. There are few “universal truths” that all people / living things can agree that actually exist, including ourselves. “Divide by zero” bug comes to mind for some reason.

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