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UV Water Sterilization Filter Installed for Spring Water System —

We bought an Ultraviolet Sterilization filter on eBay for our Spring Water. So now our refrigerator water comes from 5 gallon bottles of fresh spring water (usually from Rattlesnake Spring, bottled by yours truly) -> “Flojet BW5000” pump (to provide water pressure to fridge) -> “Crystal Quest Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer-1”. Not thinking we need any filtration past this as the water is always crystal clear. I know most places will tell you UV alone isn’t sufficient for solids removal, etc. but I’ve heard many times over that there is almost no trace of any of that at Rattlesnake Spring. What there *was* allegedly tested positive recently for, however, was Coliform Bacteria. I haven’t confirmed this, so take it with a grain of salt. Regardless, I thought it would be good to make sure the water is safe from bacteria, spores, etc.

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