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“Uncle Sam” – The Terrorists —

EDIT 2020/02/27: I always imagined the bridge (@ 1:51) of the eventual studio recorded version of this song would contain various clips from newscasters describing war scenes, current situations and general wartime fearmongering in a fictional war between the U.S. (the aggressor) and a random foreign country. As the bridge builds, the audio clips get more intense, accompanied by clips of in-battle war skirmish sounds – gunfire, explosions, aircraft, screaming of orders, screaming of fatally wounded soldiers – all of this then accompanied by rash clips of world leaders decrying manifestos, rants, charges at others – all mixed up in a blender and randomized/cut together into a fat blob of distortion and electricity and chaos – until the segway into the last chorus (@ 3:05). Fuck I’d love to do that still. Maybe I’m biased but this song rocks my fucking balls off. I miss playing it, I miss the energy I got from playing it. Travis, you’re a mastermind and this song is proof. Justin, who the fuck else could nail this song like you did on drums. Perfection.


Please excuse the rough recording, it was at a random practice at Amanda’s house. Ended up being one of the only recordings left after I deleted most of our stuff when the band fell apart. I wish I didn’t do that.

“The Terrorists” was a rock/punk/alternative band I was a part of in 2009-2010. The name was a play on the role the United States was playing on the world stage at the time. This one was one of my favorites.

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