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> It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

Training the World —

Backwards as fuck
Imagine the luck
Concrete evidence

Clown shoes
Pathetic roos
You think we’re entertained
You think the world is entrained

And maybe “we” are
Complacent in numbers
Dumbfounded and blundered
But not all of us are naive

Your game is pathetic
We deserve more honesty
But you want to trick the rest
Into hemming your dress

So pet your pawn
Let him spew shit from his phone
Pretend it’s real
Watch the rest of the world repeal

But it’s working…
But it’s working…
How can this be working

Are you all in on it?
Is this how you train the world?
Herd them all like sheep
Like Jesus in a pantsuit

Reality show superstar
Supporting roles get white powder in the mail
Or become the subject of hypocritical deportation
Give me a break

This show is boring
I’ll just go deploring
Sick of feeling imprisoned
Led by a carrot on a string

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