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The Future of Google Glass Style Devices —

I’d like to see Google Glass in a form factor that causes it to be nearly invisible.

The big hit to Glass was that it was obvious what it was and what its capabilities were. Google didn’t impress me in the “obviously you’re being recorded, look at this thing on my head” department. All of the technical capabilities, given I haven’t experienced one first-hand before, are very forward thinking and well thought out.

I find it only of a successive nature that this isn’t the end of the road for wearable recording devices. Not by a long shot – IMHO Glass was simply a proof of concept. Many times during the week do I wish I could just record a special moment of what I’m seeing and hearing. Not necessarily to upload and share, but as a convenient replacement for having to pull out a phone, unlock it, launch the camera app, then live the rest of said special moment vicariously through the abstraction of the weird and awkward phone camera app. This all takes away from the moment, which is irreplaceable.

3 Essentials for success in everyday wearable recording devices:

  • Make it invisible (so others aren’t distracted by it, therefore tainting the special moment).
  • Make it absolutely dead easy to start recording (i.e. do not allow it to distract from the special moment).
  • Make it private and secure (do not require cloud storage, or even network/Internet access – store locally!)

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