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The Building (Dream) —

I had a dream this morning about a building.

  • I had to go to the bathroom
  • I had apparently been working I.T. in floors 1-3 of the building for the entirety of my career (20+ years)

I went up to the 4th floor of the building (toward the top). When I got there, there were all “creative” people there. Artists, entrepreneurs, free thinkers, musicians, you name it. The 4th floor of this building represented creative ‘space’. I introduced myself. I remember smiling, and them being very nice in return. I told them that I’d been working I.T. on the bottom 3 floors for the past 15-20 years, and that I was happy to have made it up here. I really liked being there.

I believe that the building represents my mind, my position in life, my being.

I’ve been stuck on floors 1-3 for most of my life (logical thinking). I have always wanted to spend the bulk of my time on the 4th floor (the creative plane). I feel like this dream was a metaphor for what it will be like when I’m able to move from doing mostly I.T. work to mostly creative endeavors.

I’ve had a fortune from a cookie for the past year, at least, in my desk. This morning I taped it to the top of my USB audio interface that sits on my desk. It says, “YOUR DREAMS WILL BECOME REALITY”.

I’m ready.

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