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Stardog Champion – Temple of the Dog (Mother Love Bone) – 2016/11/04 —

It is simply awesome to see Temple of the Dog play old Mother Love Bone songs on their tour. If you watch the videos here on the Seattle grunge movement and Andrew Wood’s documentary, you’ll see how important the connection is between members/friends of Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone, and after Andy’s death, Temple of the Dog and Pearl Jam. To someone who’s experienced their music first around age 11 (1991), but never knew the story behind all of these incredibly talented musicians and friends, it’s mind blowing. I feel like it’s a story that should be a movie in and of itself, one of young friends making music for the sake of music, one that expresses the value that friendship holds even after 25 years and the events that tie you together as empathetic humans experiencing life and making a difference upon the world with your craft. Here’s to Temple’s renewed presence in the world of music, and here’s to Andy Wood, who let everyone know he was there by fucking with Chris’s microphone (you didn’t think he’d let you sing the whole thing yourself, did you?)

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