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Random Reddit user comment on the concept of, “I was born in the wrong generation” (Music) —

“A lot of the time people aren’t really talking about the music itself- they’re talking about the social scene which surrounded the music. You’ll never be able to experience 60s Swinging London, late 70s Hip Hop, 80s Hair Metal LA or 90s Seattle for yourself. You can listen to the music, but that time and space have gone.

I don’t really resent people who say they might have enjoyed a past social scene more. Yeah mostly people would feel the same no matter what era they live in. But I kinda understand those who feel alienated by the way we interact with music now all streams and downloads, sitting in our room clicking buttons to make it happen. Feels so transient.

The kind of mass social movement created by music and defined by fashion seems to be gone now. Everyone listens to everything, labels are seen as corny and people don’t define themselves by music or sub-genre much anymore. We don’t even have to really go anywhere to listen to new music (or even talk about it) since it’s all done online.

It’s a misplaced desire for something real, solid and geographic, which often comes out very silly sounding. It really isn’t much about the music.” –OdaibaBay (original post here)

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