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Practicing music is meditation —

I had a rough day today. But coming home, and not just getting into other tasks and to-dos, both personal and business related, did me a lot of good.

I looked at my bass guitars hanging on my wall, silently. That little voice in my head was whispering to pick one up and just play. So I did. I started a simple drum beat in 4/4 on my loop pedal and just alternated between a single interval of two notes, back and forth. Like rocking or swaying, I just lost myself in the simplicity and rhythm. It bloomed into triplets, moving up the scale, and back down. Then doubles, and back, up and down. At times I’d hang out with three notes, repeating them over and over, and then slowly rising and falling again throughout the scale.

It was hypnotizing. In simple practice of playing single notes on a bass guitar, in a very simple arrangement, I lost all of the shit that clouded my head all day until that point. It was like meditating. I forced myself to pay attention to that and that only. Even now typing this the shit is trying to seep back in, intrude on my conscious mind and I’m fighting with typing this sentence on my keyboard right now. But when I was playing, I had to stay within the beat, I had to be on time. Every second of the way. It helped that I was out of practice and had to pay extra special attention ;)

The struggle is real. But we have tools…tools to save us. Hang in there.

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