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Narrative to sow distrust —

What does that do to our democracy as we play out this process? What does it do to the belief in the system when 70 million people think the election was stolen,” Tolson said, referring to the popular vote total for Trump. “To me that’s the danger of this narrative, that’s the danger of this litigation. –University of Southern California (USC) law professor Franita Tolson

Let me say first – I haven’t trusted most proprietary brands of electronic voting systems/machines for the past 5 elections, since I started studying them as an I.T. security professional.

That being said!… if there is no evidence, there is no case. You can’t just go around screaming that there was widespread, mass fraud when you have no evidence to back it up. It just makes you look like a sore loser.

What’s more concerning to me, related to the above quote, is that what the current administration is doing is damaging the trust a people have in their election process.

On the one hand, I am actually very glad that there are people poking around and making sure all votes are legitimate. This kind of hardening is necessary for EVERY election.

On the other hand, the current president has had 4 years to “fix” the election process he claimed was rigged since the 2016 election — with legislation. He’s the guy – he has had the power for the entirety of his role as POTUS. Yet, he did nothing.

And now he’s screaming “FRAUD!”

Fuck him.

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  1. Gnor says:

    Fuck Dominion and Fuck Smartmatic.


    I don’t care what party or candidate anyone likes, this goes way beyond parties and candidates. This is a matter of the sovereignty of the people vs the machinations of the few and their sloppy, intentionally hackable, flawed and buggy tech.

    Fuck the “few”! I hope they finally are held to account and this is more than just a show.

  2. Gnor says:

    I believe anyone who actually watched the press conference (no TLDR-ing/skimming) and then does the same with the “fact check” article will realize that the latter isn’t even coming close to addressing the the former.

    The very first part of the very first sentence: “Despite a lack of evidence of widespread irregularities or fraud”… yet the lawyers spent about 90 minutes summarizing the ***evidence*** that has been gathered for the legal proceedings. And they read some of them out loud, verbatim.

    This was the whole reason and point of the news conference. It was to counter the constant refrain in the media of “there’s no evidence”. The hundreds of first-hand witnesses and signed-and-sworn affidavits are called “EVIDENCE” in a court of law (which is exactly where it’s going). Whether you agree with the evidence or not is not the point, it’s still evidence.

    “No evidence” is not just a lie. It’s one of the most ridiculously easy lies to debunk I’ve seen in a long time, and whoever wrote that “fact check” should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Gnor says:

    P.S. I don’t even care who wins the presidency, as long as Dominion and Smartmatic lose. Both of the candidates are pretty hilarious and it’s kind of hard to decide which one would provide more entertainment value.

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