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The thief attacks, and you fall back desperately.

Muhahahaha!! —

I’ve been playing L.O.R.D. and have been sacrificing a lot of time saving my gold instead of incrementing up and losing a ton of gold in the process. My standing was on a steady decline. I was getting my ass handed to me on a daily basis.

I was saving though, and marking milestones in my savings for when Seth Able would double my gold in ‘ye old bank’ (“Somewhere, magic has happened!”) to provide an opportunity for me to buy matching upgraded weapon + armor as a pair. I kept passing milestones and going, ‘Ok… this is good, just need to double my gold.’ But for so long, it felt like I was being taunted by the decades-old function that randomized what gift Sethy-boy would appropriate me each day. I passed many-a milestone where I could get a proverbial leg up on the pile. Paralleling things happening IRL it felt like I may be forever doomed to steadily decline in status. But then…

Today was the day.

I just surpassed 10M gold (I know, @ Level 8) and after a streak of what seemed like a utter fucking eternity where magic had *not*, in fact, happened…

It happened.

I doubled my gold.

Crystal Shard & Magic Protection, beeyotch!

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