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Media Decisions —

If major media and news outlets (including AP) made conscious decisions to promote and broadcast, not just of the U.S. but the whole world, stories that depicted generally positive news, the world economy would greatly improve.

I believe that when people are happy they are more likely to work harder and spend more money. Accomplishment is a great motivation booster and endorphin generator. We become more in sync with each other and less divided / solo. Not to mention the nice byproduct of people generally getting along instead of constantly at the defense, looking to separate from one another.

Media news outlets depicting a greater percentage of generally positive news (such as charity coverage, stand-up-citizen and generally positive role model, “I wanna do that too” type coverage) would create a desire for people to want to mimic it. As they say, it’s not called “television programming” for nothing. And not even just for news media but all kinds of mass media. It truly is, IMHO, something that could save the world at this point in time.

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