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The canary chirps, slightly off-key, an aria from a forgotten opera.

Little White Lies —

(Instrumental acoustic guitar – work in progress)


Your little white lies
They’re passing me by
You think I’m a fool
You got things to do

Your little white lies
You don’t even try
I was always there for you
I’m so through with you

I’m gonna rise above it
So take your words and shove it

Now the river’s run dry
And everything has died
And all the trash on the floor
You can’t hide it anymore

So what’s with you, man?
You’d rather sit than to stand
There’s so much for us to do
Wanna do it with you
Wanna do it with you
With you

Time is running out, my friend

What the fuck are we gonna do

Maybe someday we’ll heal
And the mountains will feel
Fire’s making its run
It’s gonna burn till it’s done

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