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Theory —

Theory: Hard-right conservatives and Trump supporters accuse Biden of characteristics that Trump demonstrated while in office even though they bear no relation to Biden in reality. I believe they’re doing this as a subconscious action or reflex of suppressing their fear and self-admittance to having supported Trump, given the fallout and continued mountain of evidence that is stacking up against him and what actually happened during his presidency (especially in relation to January 6th insurrection).

Let’s take a look at this pretty list of characteristics:

  • Dictator
  • Tyrant
  • Fascist
  • Hitler-esque
  • Senile old man
  • Worst President Ever
  • Doesn’t care about the national debt
  • Taking away rights
  • Doesn’t respect American/patriotic/constitutional values
  • Total mismanagement of COVID pandemic
  • Going to bring war to the country through his actions

Who are we talking about again?

Major facets of a nation, things like the economy, society, image and culture shift much like steering a boat. It’s going to keep turning in a particular direction as it gains momentum. Just because it’s been a year doesn’t mean that we’re not still experiencing the steering of the previous administration. No matter how much you crank the wheel in the other direction, depending on how aggressive that last turn was you’re only going to be able to correct so much in a certain amount of time.

The current narrative enables those who wish to continue to suppress the truth, even to themselves, and point their finger at a scapegoat in the name of believing they are ‘still the righteous ones’. Anti-intellectualism is a hell of a drug.

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