The Darkener's Console

Your sword is glowing with a faint blue glow.

Jimbo —

I saw you again
Again in a dream
You weren’t so happy
Happy to see me

You came home and saw me and
I remember your expression
Is it still your fucking chicken?

Back when my games
masked all my tension
Back where the living room
Became your regression

You were a shim
To hold a woman together
She didn’t get any better
And you broke me apart

You’re still in this limbo
Did you throw in the towel?
Grow out your bowels?
I saw you again
You’re still so angry
But somhow my sanity’s making me
Making me

Whatever you need
You won’t get it from me
You won’t get it from me

But for whatever I did
By being neglected
For feeling rejected
I’m sorry
I’m sorry

Now leave this horrid place
You can fly to outer space
Don’t be afraid
Like you were here
To live
To be happy


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