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Do you think, for one solitary moment, that a leader OF ANY CALIBER being so recklessly irresponsible is somehow excusable? That one who SUPPOSEDLY understands how powerful their actions and words are, yet continues, day after day, to deconstruct the foundation of a people — should be allowed at ANY CAPACITY?

Countless sacred and foundational laws have been broken, bent and twisted to achieve the goals of an insurgent and their cronies. Because of those who stand by and allow this, countless lives have been lost, and countless more altered forever. And through it all, this leader has been allowed to continue doing what they do – deconstruct.

There was a point in my younger life when I wished my country would have a wrench thrown in its spokes, so to speak. To halt the atrocities and cause people to pause for a moment to see what recklessness has been done to their livelihoods, and how much better things *could* be if they simply looked at themselves closer, if they simply listened to their conscience without the filter of ego.

I’ve heard people say the same thing recently, people who support the current leadership. I’ve always supported the RATM approach (after all, that’s how this country was founded). The choice of this particular leader is obviously a huge mistake, because they are not doing what they promised – they are simply morphed politicians now, who care not about the people but only themselves.

Narcissists supported by other narcissists, running rampant, believing wholeheartedly that they are ‘fighting the good fight’, not realizing that what they are doing is digging their own paths to Hell.

What happens to the helpers? The good, the holy? Are we really all on a one-way train ride here? Are we all destined for the gas chamber? And for what, standing up for ourselves, having a different viewpoint that focuses on goodwill toward all people? That focuses on justice, equality and mutual respect? That focuses on sound, peer reviewed science? That believes facts proven beyond the shadow of a doubt? That cares about the health of a planet that has allowed us as a species to live and thrive, that gives us food to eat and water to drink? How do the deconstructors not see that they are cutting off their noses to spite their faces? That they aren’t only ending their “opponents'” futures but their own families’? Do they even fucking care?

Maybe the helpers need to ditch their upbringings and fight fire with fire. Maybe it’s been proven that it’s too late to go high. What dignity do we have left when every foundational human right is being stripped out from under us by means of constitutional, psychological and now biological warfare? They do realize that that’s what’s going on, right? It’s not a conspiracy theory when the boiling frog has already died, when the pig’s lipstick has melted and is running down its chin like blood from a slit to the throat.

It’s quite obvious what is happening right now and anybody who dares defend ANY of what’s going on is going to have to answer to their respective Creators when their time comes. I’d hate to think that witnessing that may be the only retribution from the absolute madness that continues to cripple the spiritual progression and light that would otherwise be shining brightly in this world.

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  1. Gnor says:

    So I think I just figured out what this post was a response to… is it this? Or maybe the MM speech it was based on?


  2. The Darkener says:

    I hadn’t heard the MM speech until now, thanks!

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