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Happy New Year, 2022! —

Here it is, December 31st @ 8:41pm. We’re all making homemade pizza dinner and I run to the bedroom.. I turn on the light, make sure my hair looks nice, spray on a bit of cologne, maybe some eye drops..

After 16 years of marriage I feel things like this haven’t changed a bit. I still want to look good for her, I still get excited that she’ll probably give me that unforgettable smile that she gives when I get close to her, pulling me in for a hug…and stuff… ;) And she does the same types of things.

The love I have for her is endless as I feel hers is for me. I am so goddamned happy and in love all the time, STILL, I don’t know what to do or figure out how I got so lucky. She’s the best and she says the same things… It’s an endless loop of happiness that I can only imagine is what the essence of the meaning of life is. I can only hope the same for everyone in this world, as IMHO there is no greater achievement than finding this kind of consistent love and bliss. <3

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