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Gasping for Air —

I feel like I’m suffocating in a sea called America who’s sole purpose is now to strip the very air necessary to sustain life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. How the fuck did I allow this to happen? The Earth is changing, our next generations in jeopardy and our new narcissistic leader is forcing us to turn our cheeks in favor of money.

Fuck you. You are a cancer, a destructive parasite who cannot see that your host will topple over as you gut it, killing you in the process of your narrow mindedness, your naivety, your aggressive campaign to turn back the hands of time. And for what? You still haven’t told us, you’re leaving us in the dark. You are a criminal, and somehow, some way you tricked an entire nation into disregarding your entire past and believing that your blabber is the correct way to move forward. Again I say – FUCK YOU.

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