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Fluoride Controversy —

So I was reading this article on Slashdot about a reporter visiting a Flat-Earther Convention and they mentioned receiving a gift of non-Fluoride toothpaste (and began talking about the “conspiracy theory” behind it). This was my comment, which I think accurately sums up my thoughts on Fluoride:

“So I’m not a “Flat-Earther” or whatever you call them (simple argument is, explain how the math behind satellite communications work if Earth is not spherical).. but I do believe Fluoride shouldn’t be ingested. Everything I’ve read on the subject points toward Fluoride being beneficial as a topical agent only (i.e. when applied directly to teeth). Ingesting it (for instance via public drinking water supply) causes harm as it passes the blood-brain barrier and collects in the Pineal Gland [wikipedia.org], calcifying and causing issues related to the early onset of puberty and other hormonal/chemical imbalances throughout life which inhibit normal, healthy function. I’d welcome any constructive countering of my stance. My simple conclusion is, if Fluoride is classified as a neurotoxin and, as such, you’re not supposed to swallow Fluoride toothpaste or varnish, it’s probably better not to swallow it from drinking water either.”

Aside from that, someone had commented with something that made me lol regarding the Flat Earth theory: “”If the Earth were really flat, cats would have pushed everything off of the edge.”

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