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Your sword has begun to glow very brightly.

Every 28 Days —

The ‘week’ is a superficial construct. It’s not entirely natural, though maybe not ill intentioned.

7 days in a cycle, multiplied by 4 cycles a month. Months ‘swagger’ back and forth to compensate.

The “alternative” (/s) to this manmade time-container is a more natural cycle of the moon. Something real and physical, visible and consistent.

Like a clock, it starts new and empty, slowly waxing to a first quarter. Energy manifests and dances in the 5th dimension, waiting to cross over. A trial of one self declares a decision be made – a culmination of intent vs. the demons within battle for the prize of dominating the next phase.

Building toward a beautiful climax gives a boost to those who have prepared correctly, or were lucky, or both… a hairpin turn throws a curveball in the name of fear and doubt and obligation. It also hurls a ball of energy toward positivity.

No drug compares to the germination of the seed you have sowed.

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