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You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

Dead Letter Feeling —

Ostracizing a pet goat
What am I worth today
Not much, says the salesman

I want to fly away
With the fuzzy bass
And an electric face

Keep it coming, randomly
I can’t suppose the supposedly
Gimme one more shot man
I can do what you want then

Fuck this abbreviation
I can’t take this asphyxiation
Let me breathe through this tube
Not much more than a plastic bag womb
Killer, traitor
Taking it down
Can’t stand it when a clown starts to frown
And I cant fill my head anymore
I’s gore, then a bore, to desensitize the masses
Take classes
Or smoke weed and pass it

Why can’t I be sedated
I’m overrated
Just a drunk in a stoner’s jacket
I whack this mole till it comes true
To you
To you
I’m through

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