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This post is about my former Bulletin Board System (BBS) which ran in Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park / Sonoma County, California from around 1996-2001.

“Dark Forces” was re-named to “Innerlink” after Midas had ceased to be a co-SysOp – to preserve the original SysOps (The Darkener & Midas), I felt a name change was necessary. This is the story of the boards original creation, written in 1996 by me.


-=How Dark Forces was Discovered=-

One night, The Darkener was tooling around with a term program, and discovered a mode called “Host”. He was playing around with it, and he thought to himself, “Wow! This is pretty cool! I bet I could just set it up and have people I know call when I’m not here and leave me e-mail! And, I could even put files in here for them to download! This is like a mini-bbs! This is pretty cool!” So he fooled around with it, and talked to Midas the next day. Midas reminded him that he suggested putting up a BBS before, but The Darkener never really caught on to the idea.

That day, The Darkener downloaded Renegade ™ BBS package and fooled around with it. “Wow,” he said, “This is even better than Host mode! I could actually set up my own REAL BBS!!” He thought of a name, (Which was origionally going to be “Deep Forrest” but after talking with Midas, and considering different names, decided on “Dark Forces”. (It wasn’t until later that they discovered that this was also the name of a computer game!) (Other considerations were “Golden Myst”, “Total Darkness”, and “Black Magic” BBS.

Midas came over to The Darkener’s house the next day, and tooled around even more with the BBS, making many suggestions. They made complete new menus, ansi pictures, and put in many popular BBS Door games. The Darkener and Midas were proud of their work and had Merkey call and check it out. He said it was pretty slow (Yeah, Merkey..)

The Darkener spoke with his brother a while later, which asked “Why do people put up a BBS in the first place?” The Darkener thought about this, and concluded that “Well, I guess it is because it is cool to watch people interact with eachother..It’s kinda like playing God or something..” The Darkener’s thoughts on SysOping were widened by this question.

The Duke (SysOp of Fortress Drogan BBS (707) 586-8924) helped The Darkener and Midas with many confusing things on the BBS that needed to be configured. (Thanks again, Duke!! I couldn’t have done it without you!) He was very patient of the rookie SysOp’s questions and explained them to The Darkener and Midas (sometimes, over and over until they got it). He helped with many things, including the Online games, which was murder to set up alone..

After The Darkener’s brother moved out of the house, (With his phone line) The Darkener got his own line, as well as a better computer to run the BBS on (Hmmm..Let’s see…286 is not a very fast computer to run such a BBS on) a faster modem (9600 was fine for him, but 28.8 was better of course).

And here you are right now, reading this bulletin on the discovery of Dark Forces BBS. Pretty interesting, huh? Hehe well enjoy. This place is for YOU!

– –=The Darkener=– –

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  1. Jesse Cussins says:

    This is stolen from my server! Oh well since you wrote it I guess you can do that =P

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