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Collective Consciousness —

Some days I feel like the collective consciousness has immense power. Like the stories you hear about large group meditation causing measurable decreases in crime of that particular area. I feel like when large national/world events (I’m looking at you, Democratic debates) seemingly cause even those who aren’t paying attention (me) to be in a certain mood, I remember how strong these intangible concepts really are.

Or maybe it’s just a coincidence.

But probably not.

Good > Evil. Happy > Sad. Love > Hate. Truth > Lies.

I want to steer the collective consciousness toward what’s important to advance our species. This three ring circus is tired. Maybe the ones at the top think they know what they’re doing, but I don’t think so. Most of them likely have no concept of the impact they have. Agendas blanket attention and ant-mode takes over. Get the sugar, bring it back to the nest. Repeat until you’re dead.

What a waste of energy.

Reality is more than individualism. We are all here together. We *chose* to be here. It sucks that a prerequisite to life is the vanishing of the concept of real purpose. But maybe therein lies the mystery to solve. The trick is to keep balance when you’re standing upside down on the ceiling. Maybe I’ll be a gecko in my next life, that would make it easier. Of course, my ability to make change would be much less. Of course it would also be a nice break. Oh well.

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