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Balance —

“Karate Kid” is one of those movies, to me, that describes some of the universal truths of this reality.

When I was a kid I’d watch this movie because it was about a boy coming of age, learning how to kick ass and get a hot girlfriend. Little did I know that back then, the things I paid less attention to would soak in and manifest in my mind for sprout later in life to reveal some of the most important things anyone can learn in their lifetimes. Balance is one of those things.

My ongoing practice of Tai-Chi, meditation, healthy habits of the mind, body and soul have brought me to a place that I enjoy thinking is at a higher plane than I would be if I did not practice them. I think of the inevitable, the mystery of beyond this physical world and how what I am practicing is preparing me for that journey when I leave. With no thought of my ego, of fear or implications of events to come, I embrace these practices as knowledge… tools I will utilize in the next steps to self manifestation and the journey of everything, before, in, and after this moment. I am not without fault; I am constantly re-training, re-learning lessons I have learned thousands of times before through the same practice. From simple things like how to brush my teeth with my left hand, how to keep my eyes closed and balance one one leg while cleaning the other…and more philosophically, how to slow down, relax and embrace life with an open heart. I have found that honing these skills helps me with the things I care about most in my life – being a good husband and father. It also helps immensely with dealing with stress with work and simply with myself and being able to process the constant influx of analyzing of the past, present and future.

As Mr. Miyagi said, the lesson of balance is not just for karate… it is for your whole life.

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