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This is a forest, with trees in all directions. To the east, there appears to be sunlight.

Why “The Darkener” ? —

The Darkener

A perfect picture of how I see “The Darkener” character.

Not sure which BBS this was on, may have been my own (Dark Forces / Innerlink)..

The year was 1996 and the message base was dedicated to users’ L.O.R.D. (Legend of the Red Dragon) character descriptions. “The Darkener” was my first longstanding online alias and has stuck with me through the fall of BBSes and the rise of the Internet. To this day I feel it as much of a name as own – if someone called out, “Hey Darkener!” I wouldn’t hesitate to turn around. )

Grammatical and spelling errors corrected for embarrassment’s sake. Whoops, it’s still embarrassing ;) Actually, you know what? It’s not! I love the idea and character I created. It parallels a lot of what I was going through at the time, and always will to an extent. I have no reservations. Except it was way too easy for other BBSers to make fun of the name… “The Dorkener”, “DorkNerd”, etc…lol.



Date: 9:08 pm  Thu May 16, 1996        Number : 169 of 169
From: The Darkener                     Base   : Autobiographies
To  : All                              Refer #: None
Subj: The Darkener..                   Replies: None
Stat: Normal                           Origin : Local

Is a dark cloaked figure… He shows a resemblance to Death, yet his eyes are
that of a red hot fire… You see nothing in his presence.. A large black
cloak, dragging on the ground behind him, and two fiery eyes inside what
should be his face, yet seems only to be a pit of darkness… He is said to
be the kindest of people, IF you are on his side.. If not, he will do
nothing to hurt you unless you disturb his path in any way.. If so, he will
suddenly vanish and appear one last time in your soul, blackening it and
weighting it until it finally drops out of your body and to the ground… He
exits your darkened ball of hell and tears your chest open, ripping out your
heart, catching on every rib bone, every vein, artery, and any other bodily
organ… He shows it to you while you fall to your knees and beg for your
life.. It pulsates in his hand, pumping dark blood onto the soiled ground
beneath.. And before you close your eyes in total hopelessness, the exhausted
heart vanishes from his hands.. You fall to the ground and your eyes close
without control.. You mumble your apologies… He vanishes.. You die.

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