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Synchronize —

I picked up my bass for the first time in a little while. I ignored everything around me and just played for a few minutes.

I was able to get lost in the melodies/loops I was playing fairly quickly this time. I realized that for having been away from playing for a while the purpose of it. My mind completely disconnected from the physical reality around me. I felt a release; a letting-go of what normally spins circles in my consciousness. I had descended from that frequency into a lower one, “looking” around and realizing where I now stood.

I missed this place.

I dusted off the walls, I admired the soft glow of light around me, I felt the swirling of sound that enveloped my soul become more pronounced with each note I played. I wonder how I had ever wandered so far from here. I was so comfortable… it was all so familiar but it seemed like forever since I’d been here.

Our brains literally operate on distinct frequencies. It is up to us to “tune” them to the desired “station”. Playing my bass this afternoon for those few solitary minutes helped me remember that. This information is so key to our happiness, our well being. A tool to practice using, for sure.

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