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Regarding Digesting Independent Music —

I feel like listening to independently created music would be much better if it was performed live. Listening to recorded and mixed tracks with rough and raw vocals/instrumentation gives me an uncomfortable feeling. It’s not the artists’ fault, they’re trying to present themselves as well as possible. The thing is, when I hear heavily mixed/mastered tracks from people who don’t necessarily have the best chops, the sound is conflicting.

If these same artists performed songs live (i.e. livestreaming), people would be much more forgiving of the performance. Not only forgiving, though, but more engaged as well. When I know that an artist probably spent many weeks/months perfecting a track, and there are things wrong with it (maybe mistakes or pitch inconsistencies) I feel that this is the best the artist will ever be able to do. If I heard the same thing, but performed live, I would probably think much more of it as it’s a dynamic and fluid performance.

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