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Karamu Poutama —

Open your third eye,
And cry for the first time,
Feel the wonder unwind and medicate your mind,
Walk bare feet on the grass, breathe each breath, as if it were your last
Look to the future, step with the past, only way you miss it is by walking too fast.

Two eyes for lookin’
One eye for seein’
To stare into this shining light and open up the meaning, for feeling
This sight with open arms, be calm, no harm has to rest in your palms.

This is the beginning of your healing

Too many theives on the steal, too many walls up and blocking out whats real,
And as the morning shines with the sun rise I look into the light
And let it pour into my mind, yeah
Don’t bother trying to look for meaning,
When your head is pressed against the corporate ladders ceiling
That us just stealing, the moments from the homeless that
Believe a walk in natures more important than a building.

Watch his full set at LiveFeeds here.

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