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Fraud —

Some quotes from r/conservative

Even if he has in fact lost, letting the recounts and the challenges proceed is vital to fair elections and should be done. The voting process(es) is(are) broken and should be nationalized.

Whether it’s systemic, prevalent, or isolated to one or two unique circumstances, it’s quite obvious that voter fraud happens. Everything from mass ballot harvesting, guided voting, and ballot stuffing to computerized “glitches” and inconsistencies in how votes are tallied, and accounted for.

Trump should have pushed for voting process reform while he was in office.

Of course he has the right [to question the votes]. That’s not the point. What made people rightfully angry is that trump is already claiming that he won and that the election was most definitely a fraud even before real evidence came out.

He’s not questioning anything. He’s already made up his mind.

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