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The solid-gold coffin used for the burial of Ramses II is here.

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Headphones —

“Headphones make their own rules of etiquette. We assume that people wearing them are busy or oblivious, so now people wear them to appear busy or oblivious — even without music. Wearing soundless headphones is now a common solution to productivity blocks. Baldwin’s invention for the Navy has become a social accessory with a explicit […]

Digital Freedom Denied —

-= 1 =- I am 36 years old. I currently live in a small town in Northern California, but grew up in a semi-large city of just under two-hundred thousand people. I’m married and have two children. I own my own I.T. business where I support and maintain small business computer networks. I am a […]

E-mail links via click-trackers —

I rarely click on links in advertising/marketing e-mails (which I’ve opted-in, mind you) that travel through click-trackers such as Constant Contact (though those are one of the more reputable ones). I guess I feel that when I hover the cursor over the link, the text in my browser’s bottom left corner should be going to […]