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If the attacks are personal —

If the verbal attacks are entirely personal, why can the physical attacks also not be personal (as in, directed at the person and not at the innocent people of the nation they “lead”)?

I remember wondering as a child, if two leaders of nations disagree, why can’t they just play a game of chess, and whoever wins is the one who is declared “right”?

It is the ultimate display of immaturity and being drunk on power that, in retaliation of situations like this, so-called leaders direct (threats of) violence at people NOT involved in the situation.

Trump is not my fucking father. In the same respect, Kim is not the father of the people of NK, no matter how much propaganda and misinformation anyone reads about his dictatorship. It’s simulated at best. Trump is not “responsible” for my safety and the safety of my family besides ME. Nor would I ever want him, or any other in this world, to be. I would hope that deep down the people of America (and every other country, including North Korea) feel the same. We are individual human beings living our lives in this natural world. The simulated, artificial idea of nations with leaders responsible for others they are not directly affiliated with on a personal level is simply tribalism gone too far. We ALL need to pull back and realize that. I’m not responsible for this pissing contest, nor is my family. I don’t want any fucking part of it. Trump and Kim can go have a fucking duel. Don’t take it out on others. We’re just trying to live our own lives the best way we see fit.

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